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Talent Development Results

Issue Date:2023/06/30

Talent Development Results

We are committed to providing employees with open and diverse learning environments. Employees (part-time and fixed-term included) may take relevant certification courses in accordance with their needs, which effectively promotes the integration of employee career development and learning experience. Also, employees are encouraged to stud further. Subsidies for advanced studies, academic diploma, or certificates are available and 100% applied to all employees. The courses of six areas at Chunghwa Telecom are:
1.Manager & Supervisor Training
2.Expertise & Technical Training
3.Sales & Customer Service Training
4.Occupational Health & Safety Training
5.Information Technology Training

To align ourselves with the applications of emerging technologies, we continue to promote the "5G X ABC Employee Digital Empowerment Program." Through professional courses, we have laid out the 5G learning map through internal and external trainings in forms like digital general courses, in-person seminars, course certification, and livestreaming.

In 2022, 50 participants passed the certification of the emerging technology innovation business model and application programs for certification. 2,395 individuals were trained in courses of the 5G Technology Study series. 5G lecture series at NTU were organized on topics like “Development Trends of Renewable Energy and Wearable Applications,” totaled 12 sessions with 901 participants. We have been committed to enabling employees to stay abreast of the latest ICT industry development trends, business opportunities, practices and actively preparing talents needed for 5G development.

CHT Talent Training and Development Results
Category Description of Benefits in 2022
In-person Courses
  • Conduct an annual survey on the individual professional skill training needs of all employees prior to the training.
  • Average sessions opened per year: > 413 sessions
  • 100% professional skills training survey tailored to individual employees annually
  • Total training hours: 1.152 million hours
  • Total training budget: > NT$460 million
  • Total number of trainees: 145,209 (2,068 sessions)
Internal and External Certification Courses
  • 31 internal/external certification courses, training a total of 2,419 individuals, of which 1,287 individuals obtained internal certifications, and 1,453 individuals obtained external professional certificates
Skill Certification
  • Full subsidy for employee certification fees
  • 371 individuals subsidized, totaled more than NT$2.02 million
Certificate Bonus
  • Additional bonuses available for personnel that obtained designated certificates (e.g. public cloud service certificates), with 121 recipients and NT$406,000 disbursed in total, a 10% increase in the certificate subsidy amount compared with 2021
  • The Award of Further Study for Relevant Work with a prize of NT$10,000 and a medal is set up for 10 employees each year that obtained certification from the Training Institute or externally
Lifelong Learning
  • Study allowances of up to NT$30,000 per semester
  • A maximum of 320 hours of official leave per semester to employee in a doctoral program; a one-time bonus of NT$120,000 awarded to employee that graduates in 4 years, and NT$60,000 the one that graduates in 5 years. 200 applicants for the off-duty study allowance in 2022 with a total NT$3,229,000 invested

Item 2020 2021 2022
Total training expenditure (NT$ thousand) 493,000 451,380 460,843
Training expenditure per capita (NT$) 23,555 22,294 23,043
Total training hours 1,045,267 1,148,601 1,152,937
Training hours per capita 50 57 58

Human Capital ROI

Item 2020 2021 2022
Human capital ROI 1.9067 2.0140 2.0232
Total number of employees 20,930 20,247 19,999