Social Inclusion

5I SDGs Initiative

Issue Date:2023/06/30

5I SDGs Initiative

On the basis of a comprehensive “digital inclusion” strategy, Chunghwa Telecom taps into its years of experiences in social inclusion. In 2018, it was the first in the telecom industry to propose the “5I SDGs” initiative.

The “5I SDGs” initiative of Chunghwa Telecom is the first initiative in Taiwan that is specifically tied with the UN SDGs as well as the goals of “Digital Nation & Innovative Economy Development Program” (DIGI+) of the Executive Yuan. Through the expansion of partnerships (with NPOs/NGOs), it facilitates sharing of knowledge, technologies, and resources. A virtuous cycle is formed via technology in support of the underprivileged and diversified groups to stay abreast with the digital era for a win-win scenario of digital rights and innovative economy.


5I-SDGs Initiative Blueprint

5I Corporate Volunteer Core Competency Action Plan Targets by 2030 SDGs Aligned
I Technology Technology Education Service Promotion of digital equality using digital technology Cellphone expert course at service centers
  1. 2,000 volunteers trained for technology education
  2. 5 million visits to technology education
reduce inequality
I Protecting Energy Efficiency Environmental Service Energy saving and carbon reduction; green for Earth protection
  • Marine debris reduction
  • Energy-saving Volunteer Service
  1. Removal of marine debris by 100 metric tons
  2. Assistance to communities to save energy and reduce carbon by 1 milliont-t-CO₂e
climate action
I Helping Vision Accessibility Service Assistance to the visually impaired in accessing digital technology and services
  • Beacon Project
  • Vision Aid Course (1988-present)
  1. 60,000 visually impaired in Taiwan benefited
  2. 200,000 accesses to visually impaired life entertainment
sustainable city
I Learning I-Learning Service Bridging the urban-rural divide and flipping the education in the rural areas
  • Read with You (2009-present)
  • Foundation projects (2006-present))
  1. Cumulative 8,000 companionship by Big Learning Buddies
  2. Cumulative 180,000 hours of Little Learning Buddies assisted
quality of education
I Sharing Local Sharing Service Promotion of local services as a Big Neighbor Guided tour to the digital collection of telecommunications in Taiwan
  1. 50,000 services by corporate volunteers
  2. 3 million stakeholders in communities benefited
Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure
I Technology + I Sharing –Enhanced Telecom Resiliency - the Stronghold for the National Critical Infrastructure Protection
Chunghwa Telecom was designated by the Executive Yuan as a unit to conduct CIP exercises for eight years in a row in 2021. Coordinated with the external units like the armed forces, military police, police, Investigation Bureau, Fire Agency, and medical services, it exhibited high efficiency in horizontal communication and vertical reporting mechanism, demonstrating the disaster resiliency and adaptability of Chunghwa Telecom to the fullest. Hence, Chunghwa Telecom was awarded the "Outstanding Entity" in the National CIP Designated Exercise for Critical Infrastructure. President Shui-Yi Kuo was also awarded the “Best Commander.”

Tasked with the mission to ensure the stable and resilient national networks with fast and smooth external and internal communications, Chunghwa Telecom has been designated by the Executive Yuan as an exercise unit for eight consecutive years, representing the great emphasis on communication networks by the government. Moving forward, Chunghwa Telecom shall continue to improve the security protection of various critical infrastructures and ceaselessly evolve its technical competences so as to enhance the network resilience. Guided by the government, it communicates with external supportive entities closely to strengthen regional joint defenses to ensure the continuity of core businesses operations, enabling smooth national command and communications unimpeded.  
I Technology + I Sharing-Zero Gap for Love – A Telecom Technology Tour for Students from Rural Areas
Over a hundred students and teachers from six schools in Kaohsiung City, including Shang-Ping Elementary School in Shanlin District, Muh-Jah Elementary School in Neimen District, Ximen Elementary School in Neimen District, Gushan Elementary School in Dashu District, Fu-An Elementary School in Meinong District, and Long-Shan Elementary School in Meinong District, paid a visit to the "Telecom@Taiwan" exhibition and experienced the "5G Mobile Guided Tour" and various fun technologies, so that students and teachers could better appreciate the telecom history in Taiwan via the immersive experience powered by 5G technology. As a result, what it bridged was not only the gap between urban and rural areas, but also the gap for love.  
I Eco-Friendly + I Sharing-5G Plastic Free for Carefree
In 2022, Chunghwa Telecom presented the second year of "5G Plastic Free Day" with the campaign of sustainable actions in tetralogy. Themed with “Mobile Challenges & Technological Revitalization” of the year, through the core technologies of Chunghwa Telecom and with its high-speed transmission capacity of 5G network and corporate influence, the employees and the general public were guided to put the concept of environmental plastic-reducing life into practice, creating an unfettered plastic-free life!
  • Chapter I: Plastic Free 88 for A Lovely Life Together
    The people were invited to share good ideas on plastic reduction and formed values and concepts through interactive exchanges; To put plastic reduction into practice, we solicited good ideas to promote and attract public participation, turning plastic-reducing/plastic-free actions into a lifestyle and promoting the ideas of social and environmental protection.
  • Chapter II: Sustainable Action Training for Corporate Volunteers
    Two volunteer training sessions were held in Taichung and Kaohsiung, participated by a total of 123 employees. In the form of a picnic on the grass, they practiced the theme of "5G Plastic-Free for a Lovely Life" in nature, centering around the "sustainable plastic-free" spirit. The volunteers of Chunghwa Telecom turned plastic reduction into a lifestyle, not just to share it at work and in life, but also share in their family life, for more people to practice it together!
  • Chapter III: Curating 5G Plastic Free Festival
    With Paperwindmill Theatre putting up performance for the second year, the message of plastic reduction and zero carbon were inserted into children's environmental awareness through the theatric story. Interactive games and parent-child quiz challenge were designed and arranged before the performance, in hopes of deepening the awareness of environmental protection in the hearts of the public for relevant practices in everyday life step by step. This year, Taichung and Kaohsiung were especially selected for one performance each, so that children from all corners of Taiwan could appreciate eco-friendly and Earth-loving drama presented by Paperwindmill Theatre, Sweet Potato's Adventure.
  • Chapter IV: Concerted Beach Cleanup Nationwide
    Led by the Chairman, the employees and supplier representatives of Chunghwa Telecom Co., Ltd., along with the employees of 7 subsidiaries, including Chunghwa Leading Photonics Tech Co., Ltd., served as corporate volunteers. More than 2,800 people from 37 institutions across the country came together to clean up beaches, mountains, and parks at 24 locations simultaneously, putting the notion of environmental protection into practice personally. A total of 21.9 metric tons of wastes were cleaned up for a clean Earth in pursuit of sustainability.