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International Voice Service

Service Profile

International direct dialing (IDD) service enables customers to directly dial an overseas phone number without assistance of international operator. IDD service is now available in more than 200 countries worldwide.
Just follow the instruction below to reach whomever you would like to talk to:009 + country code + telephone number.
CHT also provide Toll Free services such as I-008 or UIFN service, which enables your company to be accessible from other countries. With I-008 service you may have toll free numbers that your customers can reach your headquarters from other countries, free of international call charge. It’s a simple way to internationalize your local business, extend your call center to other countries.

Service Strengths

  • Enabling the highest voice quality.
  • Termination to any destination.
  • Multiple discount plan to fulfill personal/enterprise’s requirement.

Target Customers

  • Personal customer who has connection with abroad relatives.
  • Domestic Enterprise with connection to other countries.
  • Multinational Companies.

Service Connectivity

Direct connectivity to USA, China, South Korea, Japan, HK, Macau, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Australia, UAE, Vietnam, India......, over 200 countries.

Service Features