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Diversity & Equality

Issue Date:2023/06/29

Gender Equality and Diversity

Chunghwa Telecom is committed to provision of a working environment of dignity and safety for employees. We practice employment diversity as well as equality in remuneration and promotion opportunities, making sure that employees are not subject to discrimination, harassment, unfair treatment arising from ethnicity, gender, religion, age, political leanings, or otherwise protected by applicable laws and regulations.

We attach importance to workforce diversity and employ numerous employees with disabilities, exceeding the statutory requirement by 3.39 times of that stipulated in the People with Disabilities Rights Protection Act. (Employment of 186 employees with disabilities is legally required; 631 are employed as employment of one person with severe disabilities is calculated as two people in accordance with the laws.) In addition, regarding the 57 indigenous employees in service, we respect their cultures and customs with no violation of their right to work or human rights.

The performance of Chunghwa Telecom in workforce diversity and gender equality has won the Gold Award of "2022 Happy Enterprise" in the Technology R&D category from 1111 Job Bank. Also, it was included in "The World's Top Female-Friendly Companies 2022" of Forbes, which is the first company from Taiwan to be on the list, ranked No. 1 among the surveyed companies from Taiwan. In 2023, we shall plan for the Women’s Power Star Program and relevant measures for a friendly workplace, endeavoring to further put the concepts of inclusiveness, equality, and tolerance into practice and create an environment for talent retention.

Employee Ethnicity Indicators
Category Share in Total Employees (%) Share in Total Managers (%)
Republic of China 100 100
Foreign national 0 0
Indigenous 0.29 0.16
Diversity Indicators of Females
Indicators(unit:%) 2021 2022 2030Target
Females/Total employees 29.41 29.92 -
Females/All Managers 22.2 22.55 -
Females/Junior-level managers 22.7 23.76 -
Females/Senior-level managers (within two levels of CEO) 13.3 15 20
Females/Income-generating units 54.15 52.84 -
Females in positions of Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM) 17.62 18.26 -
Other Diversity Indicators
Category Percentage in FTEs (%)
Individuals with disabilities 2.66
Employees Age < 30 7.25
Age 30-50 48.17
Age > 50 44.58
Total 100

Equal Pay

Compensation Committee has been established at Chunghwa Telecom to offer competitive compensations for employees, rewarding and sharing fruits of corporate operation performance with employees via the remuneration policy of transparency and equality.

For basic specialist position on the same level, individuals are employed with equal treatment. Also, remunerations are evaluated based on the academic backgrounds/experiences of individuals with relevant expertise and work experiences, regardless of gender or ethnicity.

Equal Pay Indicators Gap in 2021 (%) Gap in 2022 (%)
Gap in “mean” pays between male and female 0.7 2.1
Gap in “median” pays between male and female 1.2 2.9
Gap in “mean variable bonuses” between male and female 0.2 3.3
Gap in “median variable bonuses” between male and female 0.1 1.9

Note: The 2022 gender pay gap data has been verified by the third party, SGS-Taiwan


Freedom of Association

Chunghwa Telecom is the only telecom operator with labor unions established in Taiwan. In addition to the original Chunghwa Telecom Workers’ Union, there are 14 corporate labor unions approved and established as well. We have signed the collective bargaining agreement with work unions that covers up to 99.62%* of employees. In addition, a seat on the Board of Directors is reserved for labor representative to allow the voices of employees fully expressed and represented.

Chunghwa Telecom fully communicates with its employees and does not actively initiate severance of employees. In the last three years, no incident of strike or layoff took place, either. Labor-management meetings and negotiation meetings were organized regularly to maintain an effective communication between the two. There was no notable labor-management negotiation last year (2022).

Chunghwa Telecom abides by Article 16 in the Collective Bargaining Agreement. In the event of transfer of members arising from change to organization (including creation, division, merger, abolition, etc.), the transfer should be made in line with the business needs and respect to the member’s will as well as in accordance with the Five Principles for Transfer stipulated in the Labor Standards Act.

Note: The coverage of collective agreements for both fixed-term contract and non-fixed-term contract employees is 99.62%, with non-fixed term contract employees accounting for 99.95% of the total.

Employee Engagement Survey/Happiness at Work

To capture employees’ perception with their works, Chunghwa Telecom conducts “Happiness at Work Survey” yearly, covering aspects like organization identification and welfare, core values, work and development, work environment, management leadership culture, and the newly added culture of diversity and inclusivity (with indicators: job satisfaction, purpose, happiness, and stress).

The 2022 Happiness at Work Survey was calculated in percentage. A total of 8,262 questionnaires were recovered with a recovery rate of 41.83%. The survey result indicates an average score of happiness at work is 87.32 points and the percentage of high engagement employee is 92.38%. We will continue to respond specifically to the issues reflected by our employees and communicate constantly.

Employee Happiness/ Engagement Survey
Item 2019 2020 2021 2022
Ratio of actively engaged employees(%) 91.25 90 90.1 92.38
Coverage (% in total employees) 21.90% 22.74% 37.65% 41.83%
Employee Happiness/ Engagement Survey Items
Survey Aspect Item Description
Job Satisfaction ‧ I am satisfied with my current job.
Purpose ‧ I am aware of the overall goals of the Company and the unit I belong.
Happiness ‧ I have a sense of belonging to Chunghwa Telecom
Stress ‧ I think I have received enough information and resources to help me work efficiently.
Human Resources Awards
  • 1st among the surveyed companies from Taiwan in “The World's Top Female-Friendly Companies 2022” of Forbes
  • Gold Award, Technology R&D category, "2022 Happy Enterprise" from 1111 Job Bank
  • "2019-2021 Certificate of Talent Quality-management System (TTQS) – Gold" from the Workforce Development Agency, Ministry of Labor
  • "2021 National Talent Development Award" in the Organization (Institution) Category from the Ministry of Labor
  • “Outstanding Alternative Military Service Unit in 2021 H1” from the National Conscription Agency, Ministry of the Interior