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5G Plastic Free Day

Issue Date:2023/06/30

5G Plastic Free Corporate Volunteer Sustainable Actions

2021 was named the first year of "5G Plastic Free Day" initiative of Chunghwa Telecom. In 2022, we continued to uphold the spirit of "5G Plastic Free for Carefree." Aside from aiming for "Mobile Challenges & Technological Revitalization" and deepening the idea of "plastic reuse and recycling," we further invited subsidiaries, supply chain partners, and customers to join the rank to promote the concept of plastic free for environmental protection. Through corporate volunteer training, we practiced environmental protection in our personal life before influencing our family members in response to the idea of plastic free to care for Earth together. As such, we became the seed volunteers to drive environmental protection awareness in order to create a carefree, plastic-free lovely life.

5I-SDG Initiative: the UN SDGs aligned

2022 5G Plastic Free Day: Features and Innovations

  1. Actions on the Ground : Unshackled from the restrictions of COVID-19 for 2 years, we stepped out of the enclosed mind and once again embraced nature via in-person outdoor activities.Different from the single facet of homogeneous plastic reduction activities, our "Plastic Free Campaign" threw activities online and offline via more facets, along with NFT activities in the metaverse combined.
  2. Camping Fad : The sustainable training activities for corporate volunteers were held in a grand scale at the outdoor camping areas in the central and southern Taiwan, echoing with the trending camping fashion in Taiwan after restrictions lifted. The activities were hugely well received and participated by the corporate volunteers actively with a satisfaction of as high as 95% based on the questionnaire.
  3. Plastic Figurines : The physical and interactive plastic figurines were officially debuted, connecting all the physical activities. Serving as a highlight for these activities, they were deeply loved by friends young and old in the activities.
  4. Partner Participation : Partners from subsidiaries and suppliers were extensively invited to participate and contribute to the Plastic Free Campaign. At the plastic-free booth activities of two Paperwindmill Theatre events, various interactive education or games that were easy to understand were available.
  5. Responses from Ten Thousand Stron : In 2022, with two sustainable training activities for volunteers, two Plastic Free Family Days with Paperwindmill Theatre, the beach cleanup at 24 locations across the country, and Plastic-Free 88 Call for Entry online, we gathered nearly 10,000 participants online and offline in merely two months.
5G Plastic Free Corporate Volunteer Sustainable Actions – Sustainability Campaign in Tetralogy
Act Title Achievements
Chapter I 5G Plastic Free Volunteer Training In the form of a picnic on the grass, volunteers practiced the theme of "5G Plastic-Free for a Lovely Life" in nature, centering around the "sustainable plastic-free" spirit. The volunteers of Chunghwa Telecom turned plastic reduction into a lifestyle for more people to practice it together!
Execution results:
  • Taichung: 128 participants
  • Kaohsiung: 123 participants
Chapter II Plastic Free 88: Great Ideas to Recycle “Plastic”
Plastic NFT Offering: Are You “Plastic”
Promote and attract public participation, turning plastic-reducing/plastic-free actions into a lifestyle and promoting the ideas of social and environmental protection. Execution results:
  • Over 2,137 Likes, 1,034 comments, 1,089 shares, and 5,058,597 exposures of the posts on Facebook
  • 13,204 interactions with the posts on Facebook and a total of 110 qualified entries
Chapter III Plastic Free Festival with Paperwindmill Theatre With Paperwindmill Theatre putting up performance for the second year, the message of plastic reduction and zero carbon were inserted into children's environmental awareness through the theatric story.
Execution results:
  • Taichung: over 3,000 audience for the show
  • Kaohsiung: over 5,000 audience on site for the show
Chapter IV Concerted National Beach Cleanup The employees, suppliers, and subsidiaries of Chunghwa Telecom nationwide were called to undertake mountain/beach/river cleanup efforts across the country.
Execution results:
  • Number of participants: 2,800
  • Achievement: 21.9 metric tons of ocean debris collected across the country

Initiative Results of the Year

5G Marine Vacuum Cleaner – Remove Marine Debris
CHT leveraged the emerging 5G technology and worked with the unmanned vessel, Marine Vacuum Cleaner, developed by Azure Alliance. With the outstanding 5G communication capability in speed and low latency, we control remotely and clean efficiently the marine debris.

We promoted plastic reduction from the source via the angle of corporate culture, leveraging the core competencies to guide social innovations and introducing the 5G mobile communication technology into the next-generation Marine Vacuum Cleaner. Through the stable, fast communication, we realized an unmanned vehicle able to remove marine debris faster. Using technology to form a virtuous cycle, we listened and responded to social needs, giving birth to the “I Protecting” model.

5G Plastic Free Festival
Chunghwa Telecom worked with its strategic partner, Paperwindmill Theatre, to throw “5G Plastic Free Festival.” In the innovative play, Sweet Potato’s Adventure into the Woods, children acquired the environmental awareness through the lively and interesting story. Combined with fascinating activities like interactive game and parent-child quizzes, the spirit of environmental protection was elaborated, to which over two thousand people and their families on site responded passionately.

In addition, for the events at Taichung and Kaohsiung in 2022, up to 123 eco-friendly corporate volunteers came specifically to maintain the safety and environmental cleanness of such education rich in entertainment for the participants. They not only allowed the participants to fully enjoy the contents without worries but also made sure the outdoor space restored as clean and clear after the event. We combined knowledge with action to present and implement environmental knowledge and practices vividly to the fullest.