Supplier Selection Mechanism

Chunghwa Telecom is the first telecom operator in Taiwan to promote “sustainable supply chain management” and attaches great importance to suppliers’ sustainability implementation and relevant risks. In the selection of excellent suppliers, we have instituted a systematic selection process. Aside from the conventional considerations such as quality, price, and services, we also refer to the Responsible Business Alliance Code of Conduct (RBA CoC) to consider the performance of suppliers in terms of ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance). Besides, business relevance as well as country-, industry-, and product-specific risks are taken into account as a whole for the selection of qualified suppliers.

Aspects and Risks in Consideration for CHT Supplier Selection Mechanism

Aspect/Risk Description
Business Relevance Principle
  • Annual transaction amount totaled NT$50 million or more
  • Irreplaceable products or services
  • Possessing technological leadership or holding critical parts or components
Environmental Principle
  • Including but not limited to air pollution, wastewater, wastes, toxic substance management, energy use, and greenhouse gas emissions
Social Principle
  • Including but not limited to human rights and labor rights
Governance Principle
  • Including but not limited to anti-corruption and bribery
Country-specific Risk
  • Chunghwa Telecom assesses transactions with local companies based on the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) country risk classification scale, and strictly manages business dealings with companies from countries with high corruption risks.
Industry-specific Risk
  • On the basis of the attributes of procurement categories, suppliers that are prone to pose industry-specific risks (such as high energy-consuming telecom devices, e-waste disposal issues, etc.) are identified, over which the management is enhanced.
Product-specific Risk
  • Our company assesses potential negative risks associated with suppliers and their provided goods based on the supply chain structure of different products, including but not limited to risks related to the use of conflict minerals, forced labor, and information security. We enhance management accordingly.

CHT Suppliers Table

Category Description Number of Suppliers Ratio in Total Procurement Amount (%)
Tier-1 supplier Enterprise that directly supplies products or services to Chunghwa Telecom with an annual procurement amount > NT$150,000 2,555 99.86
Significant Tier-1 supplier Quantitative Criteria Enterprise that directly supplies products or services to Chunghwa Telecom with an annual procurement amount ≥ NT$50 million 177 83.63
Qualitative Criteria
  1. Limited qualification, or specific and exclusive equipment binding as the criteria
  2. A “Critical Component Supplier” is the “upstream” supplier to a Critical Supplier that impacts the Critical Supplier’s delivery of products/services to Chunghwa Telecom if it is unable to ship normally.。
  3. Irreplaceability:
    (1). Exclusive right owner, manufacturer, or supplier
    (2). Original supplier designated out of the concern of compatibility or interoperability for the following maintenance, provision of parts/components, replacement, or expansion of equipment
    (3). Supplier of research, experiment, or development of subject matter that is a prototype, made or supplied for the first time
    (4). Brand or supplier of commercial resale, lease or designated by proprietor out of business needs
  4. Relevant ESG Risks:
    (1). Suppliers, who have violated regulatory compliance, pose potential ESG risks.
    (2). Suppliers with specific risk factors related to national, industry, or product-specific risks.
Significant non Tier-1 supplier Qualitative Criteria The upstream/downstream supplier for a Critical Tier-1 Supplier that supplies product/service to CHT tracked to determine if the products/services it directly supply are specific, exclusive, limited in qualification, or important equipment binding 22 -
Total number of significant suppliers (Tier-1 & non Tier-1) 199 83.63

Note:Significant supplier:
1. Significant business relevance to the company and
2. having substantial risks of negative ESG impacts are employed as the criteria for determination at Chunghwa Telecom.

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