SDGs Strategies & Actions

Chunghwa Telecom prides itself on being a sustainability pilot. Utilizing our core competencies, we proactively bridge the digital divide and dedicate ourselves in the creation of digital opportunities. Since 2015, we have been committed to alignment with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030, demonstrating our determination in realizing a global sustainable development through actions on the ground.

UN SDGs CHT Actions Aligned with the UN SDGs
No poverty
  • Bridging the divide in urban-rural communication quality by constructing base stations in mountains and offshore islands to ensure information equality
  • Responding to the targets of “Digital Nation and Innovative Economic Development Program (DIGI+)” and “Forward-looking Infrastructure Development Program: Digital Infrastructure,” demonstrating the power of social inclusion of CHT in actions
  • Investment of over NT$590 million annually into construction and maintenance of universal telecom services, realizing “4G in every town and village” and “100% coverage in towns and villages”
  • Ensuring an equal access to economic resources and the right to basic services of all disadvantaged groups through concrete actions
Zero hunger
  • Self-Development of AI agricultural analysis model; transmission of relevant data via IoT technology onto smart agricultural cloud platform to allow farmers to decide on the farming schedule
  • Introduction of technology into the agriculture in Taiwan to not only reduce the risk of agricultural disasters but also elevate the yield and quality of produce, realizing the goal of smart quality agriculture via the IoT technology
Good health and well-being
  • The 1st domestic telecom operator to certify to ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management across all branch office
  • Annual health checkup for employees, hiring of professional doctors and health managers and health consultation provided to establish the well-rounded employee care measures
  • Development of eSafe Wizard App for occupational health and safety to advance the health and safety management for cloud-based, paperless, real-time effectiveness
Quality education
  • Read with You Community Network Tutoring Program with Fu Jen Catholic University, to help disadvantaged school children in the rural areas with their studies and to overcome the urban-rural divide and change their lives via IT network equipment
  • 89 “CHT Good Digital Neighbors” established nationwide to promote e-learning and relevant applications
  • Leveraging the ICT expertise to support the local organizations in the rural areas or in need to set up a stable network environment in order to protecting the right to digitalization of local communities
Gender equality
  • Respect for right to work and gender equality; equal pay to female employees the same with male counterparts
  • Upholding the spirit of the Act of Gender Equality in Employment with Directions for Chunghwa Telecom Sexual Harassment Prevention and Grievance Management stipulated
  • CHT “Appeal Review Committee” established, with over 50% female members of the Committee
  • “Gender Equality: Yes, I Do” Program launched to create a friendly workplace of gender equality
Clean water and sanitation
  • Self-developed EARTH environmental sustainability information system to manage the water resources to analyze and manage the water consumption with big data
Affordable and clean energy
  • Actively development of renewable energy to tap into green energy with cumulative installed capacity of solar power of 5.557 kWp by the end of 2023
  • Entering the green energy industry by building a solar power plant under the commission of a TCC subsidiary and Taipower, which is the largest solar power plant construction project by the private sector
Decent work and economic growth
  • The only domestic telecom operator with labor unions, labor representative on the Board of Directors and collective bargaining agreement signed
  • Well-rounded education and training, reasonable remuneration, and a respectful environment to allow employees to dedicate themselves to work at ease and reduce turnover
  • EYE Social Innovative Call Center established, to offer the mentoring program for becoming call center personnel and provide employment for the visually impaired
Industry, innovation and infrastructure
  • Ongoing construction of the Fiber to the Home (FTTH) networks with a coverage of 94% in 2023
  • 67% of 2Gbps ultra-fast broadband network coverage in line with the policies
  • Active construction of mobile networks in rural areas in the spirit of digital equality with 99.95% or more for the mobile broadband services coverage in the rural areas domestically
Reduced inequalities
  • Emphasis on and proactive protection of human rights; stipulation of “Human Right Policy” specifying no discrimination of any form
  • Ensure protection of a free flow of information globally, transparency in global roaming charges and competition, support to the telecom development in developing countries, provision of convenient access to telecom services for the individuals with disabilities, and protection of people’s freedom of speech on telecom networks
Sustainable cities and communities
  • Use of various smart solutions to assist Taiwan in building smart, sustainable cities
  • Utilization of IoT technologies to establish “Intelligent Operation Center (IOC)”
  • Helping local governments in Taiwan build sustainable, safe, and healthy cities by utilizing the IOC platform to capture governance information
Responsible consumption and production
  • First Sustainability/ESG Report published in 2007 to aggregate and disclose non-financial information for 17 consecutive years of the Company
  • Full implementation of the green procurement strategy with over NT$18,238 million of green procurement amount in 2023, accounting for 29.39% in the total procurement amount
  • “Supplier CSR management actions” implemented first in 2008 as the first telecom operator that implemented the supply chain sustainability management
  • Improvement of the sustainability capacity of supplier partners step by step from the code, assessment, ESG Supplier Conference, sustainability education to on-site audits of over one hundred suppliers in cooperation with the SALcE and SGS
  • Introduction of ISO 20400 Sustainable Procurement – Guidance and enforcement of Sustainability Rating Label to materially implement the sustainability concepts in the supply chain and maximize the procurement influence to create new “green gold” opportunities
Climate action
  • The dedicated Environmental Sustainability Task Force are mainly responsible for the environmental sustainable development goals and carbon management target setting, and action plan formulation
  • The ISO 14064-1 Greenhouse Gases management system introduced as early as 2008 with operating sites 100% verified
  • Promotion of sustainable, low-carbon supply chain practices and development of green products and services together with the supply chains
  • Approximately 50 supplier partners led to environmental education venues to conduct carbon management trainings and elevate their environmental protection awareness each year since 2016
  • Joining the CDP Supply Chain Program in 2018 as the first telecom operator in Taiwan that signed on and responded to the TCFD initiative
  • The first telecom operator in the world that passed BSI’s “conformity check for the TCFD Recommendations on climate-related financial disclosures” with the highest level attained 3 years in a row since 2020
  • The “CHT Energy Efficiency Environmental Service” established to help enterprises to obtain professional knowledge and the right ways to save energy, free of charge
Life below water
  • Partnership with Azure Alliance to remove plastic debris in the ocean effectively with Marine Vacuum Cleaner featuring emerging 5G technology
Life on land
  • Collaboration with Dr. Jane Goodall in 2006 hand in hand to care for issues with environmental education and conservation; sponsorship to the Jane Goodall Institute in planning, compiling, and publishing Roots & Shoots Children’s Environmental Education Newsletter
  • “Sustainable Environmental Education” initiated in 2016; visits to environmental education facilities organized for 45 supplier, 70 supplier partners to engage “Sustainable Environmental Education” in 2023
Peace, justice and strong institutions
  • Ethical Corporate Management Best Practice Principles, Code of Ethical Conduct, and Procedures for Ethical Management and Guidelines for Conduct stipulated to define the responsibility of ethical business conducts
  • Guidelines for Personnel Evaluation and Standards Governing the Administrative Rewards and Discipline of Chunghwa Telecom Personnel stipulated for personnel evaluation as well as rewards and disciplines in a timely manner
  • A secure and rigorous employee reporting mechanism in confidence established; the employee grievance hotline made available in the Employee Section on the EIP
  • Annual third-party verification of compliance by SGS to Corporate Code of Conduct obtained since 2020
Partnerships for the goals
  • “Big Neighbor” features utilized with its corporate resources and core competencies leveraged to connect organizations globally and locally to serve specific, vulnerable stakeholders living in rural areas in order to foster a society of digital inclusion
  • Collaboration with the Resource Center for the Visually Impaired, Tamkang University since 1988 with the effort in using telecom technology to support the visually impaired and in developing the Voice-based Personal Assistance App for their convenience in life
  • Joint promotion of Read with You Community Network Tutoring with Fu Jen Catholic University for over 15 years since 2009 that offers supports to students in the rural areas in schoolwork via online network in lieu of road network
  • Collaboration with HackNTU since 2015 to establish the communication environment in the venue for participants to access information via the Internet for innovative solutions
  • Long-term collaboration between the Foundation and the partners of Good Digital Neighbors, to assist in the economic autonomy of community industries, conduct an integrated marketing and promotion of their hometown produces and giftboxes, and support the community-based industries and spread their ideas of sustainability through the purchasing power of our colleagues combined
Excellence & Innovation
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