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Stable Network Services

Issue Date:2023/06/29

Network Stability Protection

As the biggest integrated telecom service provider in Taiwan, Chunghwa Telecom not only ceaselessly engages in network construction, dedicated to offering the fastest and most stable network services in Taiwan, but also carries the responsibility of ensuring a stable, resilient external/internal communication that is fast and smooth nationwide.

Hence, we relentlessly improve the security protections of various critical infrastructure for communications. With the network redundancy and dispatching capacity combined, together with the core professional telecommunication competences in data and cybersecurity, we ensure the operation continuity of core businesses and smooth communications under threats or disasters through connections upstream and downstream as well as local joint defense strategies.

Information Equality Protection

To ensure information equality, we stress more on signal coverage in the rural areas besides an active boost of mobile network service quality in the densely populated urban areas. We have reached 100% 4G coverage in the rural areas of Taiwan.

In addition, we proactively respond to the national “Smart Country Plan (2021-2025)” (DIGI+) for equal development opportunities to all citizens to inspire innovative applications of digital economy, double momentum for economic growth, and complete ultra-broadband network construction in the rural areas.

16 forward-looking projects, including those of 1 Gbps network service for townships, 100 Mbps network service to villages (boroughs), and submarine cables for offshore islands, were completed in 2022.

Free Wi-Fi Access for All

Chunghwa Telecom has been proactively assisting the government in promotion of free Wi-Fi access for all. With a reasonable fee and a robust platform, combined with the maintenance and monitoring system 24/7, Wi-Fi hotspots are deployed nationwide to help the government achieve the goal of “Free Wi-Fi Access for All.”

No Lone Island in Rural Communications

Aside from the active efforts in network construction, we also stress on the mobile communication quality in the rural areas. The redundant trunks and redundant wireless routers are added and boosted constantly in the rural areas; the capacity of backup power supplies is elevated; the redundancy of resilient platforms is raised to 72 hours or above, so that the rural areas will not lose connections with the outside world owing to power outage from natural disasters.


Network Stability Maintenance Performance

Item 2020 2021 2022
Average network outages (outages/customers) 0.0006 0.00017 0.00012
Average network outage duration (outages/customers) 0.096 0.093 0.059
Network Outage Incidents and Coping Measures in 2022
Item Incident 1 Incident 2
Obstacle Summary An unexpected power outage on Lanyu affected 7 of 3G base stations and 6 of 4G base stations in the region. An allegedly submarine cable fault in the Matsu region affected 54 of 4G base stations, 19 of 5G base stations, and broadband services in the region.
Cause An unexpected power outage from Taipower on Lanyu, leading to impact to external microwave equipment due to UPS malfunction.。 Service impact arising from possible severance of certain cable wires of the 3rd Taiwan-Matsu Submarine Cable caused by the bottom trawls of fishing vessels in the Matsu region.
Corrective Mechanism Replace the batteries of poor performance in the Lanyu region with batteries of relatively better performance to maintain their functionality. Include the Matsu region in the Submarine Cable Automatic Warning System (SAWS).
Action Implemented Bad batteries in the Lanyu region were replaced to reduce risks of equipment malfunction arising from unexpected power outage. The cable ship was requested for rapid repairment of the submarine cable in the Matsu region.