Social Inclusion

Universal Service

Issue Date:2022/07/21

Universal Service

To protect citizens’ basic right to communication and ensure fair, universal telecommunication services for all citizens is the long-term goal for Chunghwa Telecom in active response to government’s policies and promote universal service.
Chunghwa Telecom lives up to the spirit of 360-degree digital inclusion, realizing universal service regardless of the economic costs. In 2021, Chunghwa Telecom invested approximately NT$480 million in total in universal service. The key results include:

  1. Phone service for approx. 260,000 households in the 86 uneconomic areas in the rural regions nationwide
  2. Data communication service for approx. 140,000 households in the rural areas
  3. Services of over 33,000 public telephones in 22 counties/cities across the country
  4. Data communication access service for over 600 elementary/junior high schools and public libraries

  1. We leverage our digital technology through the Chunghwa Telecom Foundation to bridge the digital divide.
  2. We continue to set up the broadband internet service in remote areas and outlying islands through Telecommunications Universal Service with government.
  3. To shorten the gap of digital divide, it deeply relies on government's support. Currently we only cooperate with Taiwanese government to provide Universal Service in Taiwan, which is our mainly operation market. As we don't run the telecom business model in emerging countries, Universal Service is not provide in these areas.

Ownership stakes in regional operators: Viettel – CHT Company Limited, provides IDC service, is an associate company with CHT and Vietnam local telecommunication company Viettel. CHT has 30% share of ownership. Related information please refer to CHT 2020 annual report p.35,118.