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Employee Development Program

Issue Date:2023/06/30

Employee Development Programs

Diverse employee development programs that realize benefits in both business and human resources are in place at Chunghwa Telecom to ensure our sustainable development in business and human resources alike.

Item Cybersecurity Cultivation, Network Security Resiliency, and National Security Protection Innovative 5G Application Talent Training
Description Aiming to realize the cybersecurity vision of “establishing the most valuable, secure, reliable, and trustworthy telecom service provider that meets international standards,” CHT ceaselessly boosts its competitiveness. We carry out the “Cybersecurity and CI Development Program” to actively develop professional cybersecurity talents.
  • Cybersecurity and CI professional course series offered in forms of general courses via e-learning, in-person seminars, course certification, online streaming, and other internal and external trainings
  • Cybersecurity learning maps developed; the general courses, professional certification, and seminars designed for various professional levels; relevant courses made available via livestreaming online in response to the pandemic in 2022
CHT is the 1st telecom operator in Taiwan to achieve 5G commercialization. For employees to familiarize themselves with 5G network construction and innovative applications for an ongoing career development, “Innovative 5G Application Talent Training” was promoted in 2021 to improve their 5G skills and application abilities and cultivate relevant professionals. The training mechanisms include:
  • “5G Series” Program: e.g. 5G open network, 5G cybersecurity, 5G vertical market applications, 5G terminal applications
  • 5G Course Certification: e.g. “Ericsson 5G base station installation and settings”, “Nokia 5G base station installation and settings”, as well as the emerging technology innovation business model and application programs for certification
  • 5G vertical market application demo site established for employees to practice innovative 5G applications. organization of various 5G seminars in combination with training courses, including in-person courses, distance learning, livestreaming courses, all-e-learning courses, e-learning courses, and park tours
  • Organization of topical lectures at NTU, such as "Development Trends of 6G Mobile Wireless Communications" and "Development Trends of Renewable Energy and Wearable Applications"
Objective/business benefits
  • Cybersecurity management training courses offered to relevant employees and passing relevant examinations and auditing activities to obtain certificates corresponding to cybersecurity (such as internal cybersecurity manager, internal auditor certificate, and ISO 27001 certificate)
  • Construction of an experiential learning environment "Cybersecurity Hands-on Practice Classroom" to simulate the real cyber attack and defense environment, with theories and practices combined, so as to boost the cybersecurity attack and defense capabilities of IT talents
  • Improvement of the security protection notion of the CI-related personnel at Chunghwa Telecom and maintenance of the continuity of the basic functions of critical infrastructure
  • Improvement of the internal cybersecurity programming capabilities to fortify software development and the security of whole supply chain
  • Benefits of the Innovative 5G Application Talent Training program to the improvement of CHT 5G professionals for them to use critical innovative technologies to explore 5G application opportunities for the Company.
  • Empowerment of the Company with sufficient workforce to expand the 5G network construction and maintain 5G operation capacity
  • Improvement of 5G technical autonomy to set up and configure 5G base stations independently and cut costs of outsourcing
  • Construction and provision of 5G experiences, innovative collaboration and training venues in the program and the exchanges with external industrial/academic circles, elevating corporate reputation and drawing talents with potential
  • Benefits in promotion and training for corporate clients to develop 5G vertical market application opportunities and continuously update and improve demo items at the demo sites
  • Enabling employees to capture the latest ICT industry development trends, business opportunities, practices via topical lectures
Impact of business benefits Business benefits:
  • Cybersecurity Service and Cybersecurity Project Contract, generated revenue of 2.331 billion yuan in 2022, with a growth of 473 million yuan, representing a YoY growth rate of 25.46%.
  • The cumulative number of fixed-line broadband subscribers for 2022 reached a total of 51,910, with a penetration rate of 27.8% (YoY +2.2%). The cumulative number of non-fixed-line broadband subscribers amounted to 110,684, with a penetration rate of 23.8% (YoY +8%).
  • Chunghwa Telecom has undertaken significant government projects, including a cybersecurity protection project for national elections and referendums, the establishment of a computerized vote counting system network for the 2022 local government elections, and the pilot program for the development of domestic car networking certification and cybersecurity certificate management guidelines. These efforts have earned the trust and recognition of government agencies and the general public, while also assisting in enhancing the overall national cybersecurity protection.
  • For eight consecutive years, we have been selected by the Executive Yuan as a designated unit for Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) exercises. Additionally, we have received the "Outstanding" award for three consecutive years as a CIP exercise facility.
Human capital benefits:
  • An investment of NT$246 million in cybersecurity management and technology expertise courses at the three institutes of the Chunghwa Telecom Training Institute, with a total of 260 sessions opened in 2022 to provide employees to participate for certificates in cybersecurity and cumulative 5,837 information security-related certificates obtained
  • A total of 28,912 participants (contractors included) in cybersecurity and personal data protection courses intended to train and deepen the cybersecurity awareness of employees in 2022
  • An average score of up to 5.72 points out of the 6-point system for satisfaction measurement in 2022
Business benefits:
  • 5G private network and application contracts signed, generating NT$826 million revenue in 2022 with an increase by NT$106 million
  • 50 million 5G users (No.1 in Taiwan) with a market share of 36.47% and a growth by 650,000 users
  • 5G industry engagement: a total of 1,319 participants in 42 groups in the 5G test field
  • Dominating the mobile speed in Taiwan in Opensignal 2022 with four speed awards outright as the only domestic operator to secure the title of No.1 in 5G speed from 2 international authorities

Brand benefits:
  • The first “Fastest 5 Years in a Row Award in Taiwan” Award in 2022
  • TSAA Taiwan Telecommunication Services Company of The Year Award and the first Taiwan 5G Services Customer Value Leadership Award
  • “Service Innovation Award in the Evaluation of 5G Smart Transportation Subsidy Program of the Ministry of Transportation and Communications” and the “Golden Dragon Award, Global Best Practice of IoT and Smart Service” in 2022

Human capital benefits:
  • 5,599 5G professional trained with an average satisfaction rate of 5.71 (out of 6 points) and an average learning advancement of 74.25%
  • A total of 2,395 participants trained in the 5G Technology Study series to prepare talents needed for 5G development
  • Assistance to institutions to obtain 57 certificates of global public cloud services
  • Cumulative 20,041 views of the 5G digital general courses with a coverage rate of 100%
% of FTEs participating in the program 100% 100%