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Anti-discrimination & Anti-harassment

Issue Date:2022/07/01

Anti-discrimination and Anti-harassment

To uphold the spirit of gender equality at work, “Directions for Chunghwa Telecom Sexual Harassment Prevention and Grievance Management” has been stipulated, and Appeal Review Committee has been established, dedicated to handle appeals regarding misconducts such as employee discrimination/harassment.

There are 5 members on the Appeal Review Committee with female members accounting for over 50% (3 members). With the effective management mechanism, there was no incident of discrimination or harassment in 2021.

Management Mechanisms

1. Yearly gender equality education and trainings
Title Participants per Session
Psychological Troubles and Illegal Violations Commonly Seen at Workplace 62
Cases of Illegal Violations at Workplace & the Notification and Handling Process 178
Prevention of Sexual Harassment at Workplace 39
2. Anti-discrimination / Anti-harassment promotion from time to time

(1) Enhanced promotion for new hires onboard
(2) Comprehensive promotion and tests conducted in the annual Code of Conduct e-learning program

Reporting Channels

We offer various appeal/reporting channels. In the event of employees subject to misconducts like discrimination or harassment, one can reflect and appeal via following channels, which will be handled and assisted by dedicated personnel of the Company.