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Anti-discrimination & Anti-harassment

Issue Date:2023/06/29

Anti-discrimination and Anti-harassment

To uphold the spirit of gender equality at work, “Directions for Chunghwa Telecom Sexual Harassment Prevention and Grievance Management” has been stipulated, and Appeal Review Committee has been established, dedicated to handle appeals regarding misconducts such as employee discrimination/harassment.

There are 5 members on the Appeal Review Committee with female members accounting for over 50% (3 members). With the effective management mechanism, there was no incident of discrimination or harassment in 2022.

Management Mechanisms

Chunghwa Telecom advocates diversity, inclusivity, and equality, and pays especial attention to the promotion of anti-discrimination and anti-harassment. By organizing "gender equality/anti-discrimination/anti-harassment" education and trainings on a regular basis, it fosters a work environment of respect and equality. Regarding the education and trainings (promotion included) held in 2022, the coverage of the trainings organized regularly is 100%.

Course Topic Course Mode
General Promotion on the Code of Conduct (No Sexual Harassment Included) and Code of Integrity Online
General Occupational Health and Safety Training for New Recruits In-person
New Recruit Orientation – Promotion of No Sexual Harassment and Workplace Violence In-person
From time to time
Illegal Violations at Work – Unfair Treatment (Including Sexual Harassment) at Work and How to Handle It Online
Introduction to the Ways and Handling of Unfair Treatment (Including Sexual Harassment) at Work Online
"Expellisaevus!" ─ Talk about the E-learning Courses on Illegal Violations at Work Online
Gender Equality and Sexual Harassment Prevention Workshop Online

Reporting Channels

We offer various appeal/reporting channels. In the event of employees subject to misconducts like discrimination or harassment, one can reflect and appeal via following channels, which will be handled and assisted by dedicated personnel of the Company.