Customer Care

Customer Relationship Management

Issue Date:2023/06/29

Customer Care Mechanism

Chunghwa Telecom values voices of consumers. Aside from innovative technologies and features of products/services, it puts consumers at the core. Through diverse service channels, Chunghwa Telecom provides consumers with all-round, high-quality services with efficiency.

As of the end of 2022, more convenient and considerate services were available to consumers across all the 691 physical service centers, including 447 regular stores and 244 franchise stores, regardless of in the cities or rural areas.

Item Description
Customer Service Scale
  • 15 customer service centers in Taiwan
  • Approx. 2,200 customer service staff
Diverse Service Channel
  • Text-based online customer service
  • Online community: “Chunghwa Telecom Dr. Q Fan Page”
  • Web-based customer service center
  • Mobile-based customer service center
  • Customer service app
  • SMS-based customer service

We treat feedbacks and suggestions from customers as opportunities for the enterprise’s ongoing improvement. On the basis of customer responses, the grievances and feedbacks from customers are required to be addressed in 3 working days for an ongoing improvement of service quality.

In addition to customer hotline, consumers may also file their complaints via the Company’s official website or directly to the assistant staff of management via the CHT Number (+886 2 2344 6789) authorized by the Chairman.

KPI 2019 2020 2021 2022
Customer Service Response within 20 Sec. 72.6% 69.0% 57.2% 63.1%
Service Satisfaction (out of 5 points) 4.74 4.75 4.75 4.75

Note: owing to the local pandemic escalation, CHT diverted the customer service hotline workforce to support the Taiwan CDC Toll-free Hotline 1922 service. The 20-sec answer rate was low as a result, but the overall customer service hotline answer rate was still up to 92%.

Customer Satisfaction Survey

Chunghwa Telecom commissions external entity to conduct Customer Satisfaction Survey on a yearly basis. Through various types of satisfaction survey, issues and expectations consumers care the most are identified for reference of future improvement.

Upon completion of satisfaction survey, consumer feedbacks and suggestions will be passed on to personnel of product or business departments as well as relevant products services promptly via the consumer feedback handling system. Review meetings are convened regularly in order to meet the expectations from our consumers.

Customer Satisfaction Rate – by Consumer Type
Consumer Type Satisfaction Survey Approach Survey Results (out of 10 points)
Big Corporations Executed by commissioned external entities 9.09
SMEs 8.98
Consumers 7.91
Customer Satisfaction Rate – Regardless of Consumer Type
2019 2020 2021 2022
Satisfaction Rate 83.21% 84.92% 83.90% 82.83%
Data Coverage 100% 100% 100% 100%


  1. The decrease in satisfaction in 2022 compared to 2021 was mainly due to the soaring number of Covid-19 confirmed local cases in April 2022 with an influxof people calling to inquire regulations governing epidemic prevention and issues with the handling mechanisms that follow, resulting in the surging 1922 epidemic prevention hotline business, for which the customer service unit of the Company directed their workforce to support the epidemic prevention effort of the government. As a result, the customer service was not up to the standard, which in turn led to a decrease in the satisfaction scores in 2022.
  2. Until the third quarter of 2022, with the national armed forces onboard in support of the 1922 Hotline, the service of all customer services has returned to the normal standard.