Environmental Sustainability

Climate Strategy

Issue Date:2022/06/30

Carbon Management Strategies

Chunghwa Telecom believes that climate change will bring impacts and challenges to the telecom industry. Nevertheless, it will also give rise to sustainable low-carbon business opportunities. As such, we keep a tab on the development of climate change issues worldwide. With the internal and external carbon management strategies combined, we proactively develop low-carbon, sustainable products and services using innovative thinking and our core competencies in hopes of securing the advantages in the low-carbon and smart economy. Therefore, we may achieve the win-win scenario of corporate revenue boosting and environmental sustainability.

With both internal and external strategies, Chunghwa Telecom endeavors to implement the low-carbon sustainable transportation and seize green business opportunities.

  1. Internal: Stipulate the corporate “environmental sustainability development strategies and net-zero emissions targets” by means of organization and information system; improve the efficiencies of environmental information management in carbon emissions, resource utilization, etc. using the self-developed environmental information management system.
  2. External: Develop renewable energy; utilize ICT core competencies; develop “low-carbon sustainable products”; and provide professional technologies and services in energy saving and carbon reduction for enterprises.
Low-carbon Sustainable Strategies and Actions
1. Focus on environmental sustainability issues and regulatory progresses in the world

Keep tabs on changes of environmental laws and regulations at home and abroad; active align ourselves with international management systems and environmental sustainability initiatives; engage with key stakeholders; actively promote environmental sustainability action plans.Climate change adaptation strategies

2. Climate change adaptation strategies

Continuously introduce TCFD assessment; stipulate carbon management/carbon reduction targets; promote equipment and personnel mitigation and climate adaptation plans; strengthen emergency responses for disasters; reduce impacts from climate risks.

3. Construction of low-carbon sustainable supply chain

As the first domestic telecom operator to join the CDP Supply Chain Program that officially initiated the supply chain carbon management action in 2018, Chunghwa Telecom encourages supplier partners to disclose complete GHG information and plan for carbon reduction actions.

4. Development of low-carbon sustainable products and services

Leverage its strengths in ICT businesses, CHT develops innovative applications of 5G, IoT, and big data via green, innovative thinking, assists Taiwan in building smart cities, offers low-carbon solutions, and cuts down carbon footprints materially.

5. Carbon neutral telecom store

In 2019, CHT Syntrend Service Center was certified to ISO 14067 and PAS 2060 and became the first store that obtained EPA’s Carbon Label for Services and the first “carbon neutral telecom store” in Taiwan that takes the lead in the trend for carbon neutral services.

Carbon Management Targets

Through TCFD introduction, regular response to CDP questionnaires, and setting of science-based targets via the SBTi mechanism, Chunghwa Telecom has lay out its short-, mid-, and long-term carbon management targets to march toward the goal of net-zero emissions.