Social Inclusion

Corporate Citizenship / Philanthropy Strategies

Issue Date:2022/07/06

Corporate Citizenship and Philanthropy Strategies

Chunghwa Telecom incorporated the “corporate citizenship and philanthropy” into the overall business plan. Prior to actions of corporate citizenship and philanthropy, the community benefits and business benefits potentially generated will be evaluated and set. Then, the contributions and results (SROI) of the corporate citizenship and philanthropy will be quantified for a proper allocation of social engagement resources to deepen the social engagement values and impacts.

Philanthropic Strategies with Operational Benefits

Priority SDG Aligned Relation with the Corporate Operational Benefits
Universal Service Construction
Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure
  • CHT is the largest telecom operator in Taiwan. Hence, building sufficient telecom infrastructure and maintain broadband network’s service quality are closely associated with the corporate revenue and image.
  • Over NT$400 million is allocated per year in universal service to continue to construct networks in the rural areas to fulfill the vision of information equality in Taiwan.
Promotion of 5G Commercialization and Innovative Applications
Decent Work and Economic Growth
  • 5G commercialization and innovative applications are actively promoted to created job opportunities and encourage creativity and innovation with industrial development at the core.
  • CHT is the first operator to engage 5G commercialization in Taiwan. Through innovative smart living applications and services as well as universal service, the general public can access affordable telecom infrastructure and services.
  • With the Form Alliances strategy, we join hands with partners across sectors for active deployment and development of new forms of digital living applications.
Promotion of Supply Chain Carbon Management Action  
Climate Action
  • CHT improves the productivity as well as energy/resource efficiencies of enterprises in Taiwan via the 5G, IoT, and Big Data applications.
  • CHT joined the “CDP Supply Chain Program” in 2018. Through carbon management education, mentorship, and inventory, hundreds of suppliers are guided from understanding risks and opportunities in climate change to instituting effective carbon management and mechanisms step by step.

Results of the Year

Results of Corporate Citizenship and Philanthropy Investment
Unit: NT$ thousand
Category 2021
Contribution in cash 180,866
Contribution in products/services 864,651
Management Costs 58,842
Corporate volunteering costs 49,473
Total 1,153,814
Corporate volunteering service hours 70,065
Percentage in revenue (%) 0.5%
ICT Epidemic Prevention Measures

In 2020, COVID-19 broke out across the globe. Both enterprises and individuals were severely impacted. Chunghwa Telecom utilized its core competencies and preemptively applied various leading information communications technologies to the epidemic prevention works. As such, it became the strongest rock for the governments in Taiwan in epidemic prevention efforts with results applauded and recognized by media at home and abroad.

The results of “ICT epidemic prevention” by Chunghwa Telecom were recognized by the highest honor in the Social Innovation Category of the Global Views Monthly Corporate Social Responsibility Awards

  1. Quarantine Cellphones
  2. Epidemic Monitor and Management System
  3. Big data analytics and crowding hotspot information
  4. Security of communication quality for epidemic prevention entities
  5. Discounts of telecom service fees for the impacted populations
  6. Support to “Taiwan CDC Toll-free Hotline 1922” and “NIA’s 0800 Foreigners In Taiwan Hotline”