Happy Workplace


Issue Date:2024/01/02

Employee Benefits System

Chunghwa Telecom views its employees as the most important partners. Committed to “employee at ease,” we not only protect the labor rights of employees from violation but also help employees achieve a work-life balance and bring out their best through construction of a quality benefits system and a safe, decent working environment.

Happy Enterprise

Aiming to become a “happy enterprise,” Chunghwa Telecom construct well-rounded system in terms of working environment, compensation and cultivation, benefits and incentives, as well as friendly workplace, so as to put employees at ease and bring out their best to create higher values for individuals and the Company.

The achievements of Chunghwa Telecom’s long-standing commitment to employee care have won accolades by the public. In 2022, it received the Gold Award in the Technology R&D category of "2022 Happy Enterprise" from 1111 Job Bank! Furthermore, it was included in the list of “The World's Top Female-Friendly Companies 2022” of Forbes, in which Chunghwa Telecom ranked first among the surveyed companies from Taiwan!

Benefit Description Beneficiaries (person) Amount Invested
(NT$ Thousand)
Parental Allowance (Company)
A 6-month allowance available in line with the Employment Insurance Act, along with an extra parental allowance of 50% of insured salary amount of the Labor Insurance in line with the CHT policy 109 12,809
Childcare Allowance (Company)
Automatic subsidy of NT$6,000/year by the system for any eligible child of employee aged 0-6 3,597 17,508
Sports Activities
3 road running events, 87 hiking events, 52 ball games, and 272 other activities (stairclimbing, calisthenics, walking, health lectures, etc.) organized nationwide 35,054 9,648,135
To improve employee welfare, boost employees’ commitment to the Company, and share fruits of corporate operation. All employees are eligible to join but they can decide to participate or not based on his or her own will 17,079 484,493*
Children Education Subsidy
Twice a year (for the 1st and 2nd semesters) 17,528 74,622
Wedding Subsidy
Wedding subsidy for application by employee to be married in line with the laws and regulations 270 675
Maternity Allowance
Maternity Allowance for application by employee or the spouse thereof giving birth 416 104.0
Funeral Subsidy
Family funeral subsidy for application by employee in the event of death of parent, foster parent, stepparent, spouse, or child thereof 721 360.5
Work Hour Reduction for Childcare
Application for 1 work hour reduced per workday with pay available for any employee with the need to care for child at age 3 or under 1,115 20,803
Recreational/Sports Space
Sports center, swimming pool, tennis, badminton, basketball, table tennis room, integrated activity space, karaoke, employee hotels Activity space is 15,608 square meters in total
*The company's subsidies for ESOT are 0.48 billion, except our employee invested in ESOT with amount of 1.61 billion NT dollars. The total investment in stock trust was reached to 2.09 billion NT dollars. Employees participating in the ESOT program has become the company's third-largest shareholders, fostering a symbiotic relationship between colleagues and the company, contributing to mutual prosperity and growth.

Leaves and Allowance Better than the Statutory Requirements
Item CHT Labor Standards Act
Annual Leave
  • Service for 7 years: 21 days
  • Service for 10 years: 28 days
  • Service for 15 years: 30 days
  • Service for 7 years: 15 days
  • Service for 10 years: 16 days
  • Service for 15 years: 21 days
Funeral Leave Better than the statutory requirement for certain kin Paid leave available for certain kin
Personal Leave 5 days of personal leave with pay No salary
Family Care Leave 7 days for personal leave and family care leave combined No salary
Sick Leave Full salary Half salary
Menstrual Leave Full salary Half salary
Maternity Leave 42 days, with flexible day-off, fixed day-off, or national holiday excluded 8 weeks, with flexible day-off, fixed day-off, or national holiday included
Pregnancy Checkup Leave 10 days 7 days
Miscarriage Leave Full salary No salary
Pregnancy Checkup Accompaniment and Paternity Leaves 10 days 7 days

Childcare Benefits

Childcare-friendly Workplace

Chunghwa Telecom attaches great importance to the balance between work and family for employees, committed to building a caring and supportive work environment as a quality childcare-friendly workplace, so that employees may take care of their children and families without worries. The relevant mechanisms include:

  • Any employee with the need to care for child at age 3 or under may apply for 1 work hour reduced per workday with full pay and without impact to attendance or performance appraisal. Where both husband and wife are employees of Chunghwa Telecom, both of them are eligible to the application, so that the family can come to work and to school hand in hand happily.
  • In 2023, the benefits are planned to be raised further. In addition to the raise in the monthly childcare allowance for employee with child aged 0-6, there is maternity allowance of NT$20,000 per childbirth available as well!
  • A total of 16 workplace childcare support centers were set up at 9 locations across six municipalities in 2022 for the children and grandchildren of employees aged 2 to 6 years old to access education and care services, so that employees can work at ease with their families well taken care of and boost the corporate competitiveness!


To care for employees and alleviate the issue of low birthrate in Taiwan, CHT offers a well-rounded care mechanism, including matchmaking before marriage, group wedding, and maternity allowance, to employees from single to family with children. Starting from 2006, we implemented the parental leave system first with a parental leave allowance better than the statutory requirement.

There were 171 employees applying for parental leave allowance without paid, 109 employees claiming the parental allowance, and a total of NT$12,809,031 disbursed for parental allowance in 2022.

“Family care leave, pregnancy checkup accompaniment and paternity leaves for males, menstrual leave for females, pregnancy checkup leave, maternity leave, and breastfeeding rooms” are available in accordance with the laws. The epidemic prevention childcare leave is also available in line with the government’s policy of epidemic prevention for employees to take care of their families at ease.

Year Item Male Female Total
2022 Employees eligible for unpaid parental leave 1,449 504 1,953
Employees applying for unpaid parental leave 30 79 109
Reinstatement rate 123.53% 114.52% 116.46%
2021 Retention rate upon reinstatement from unpaid parental leave 100% 97.26% 97.67%

Note: Relevant benefits are mainly applied to the non-fixed term contract employees of Chunghwa Telecom, excluding those of subsidiaries.