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Innovation Management

Issue Date:2023/06/29

Innovation Management

The competence in R&D and innovation is the very engine that drives the growth of an enterprise. Following the age of 5G and digital convergence, the telecom service has entered the age of 5G smart applications.

As the leader in the telecom service, Chunghwa Telecom not only established Chunghwa Telecom Laboratories, an organization dedicated to research and development, but also invests billions of NTD in R&D every year to live up to the philosophies of innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship as well as creation of digital prosperity in symbiosis for industries with innovation and sharing.

To cultivate a corporate culture of innovation, the internal platform “Chunghwa Telecom Creative Network” has been established at Chunghwa Telecom as a mean to encourage brilliant ideas proposed by employees and reward them for any proposal adopted. As such, we encourage employees’ passion for innovation with strategies and actions.

In 2022, Chunghwa Telecom held “Robotic Process Automation Innovative Hackathon", providing total of half million NTD awards for creative proposal and ideas in robotic process automation domain, accelerating digital transformation of entire enterprise. By demonstration of business workflow improvement and resolving challenge with automation tool, Chunghwa Telecom enables cross-platform, cross-field and cross-department innovative adoption.

Process and Service Innovation

With innovative technologies and application experiences, Chunghwa Telecom is constructing the domestic 5G industrial ecosphere. With its core technology and software/hardware energies combined, Chunghwa Telecom offers smart solutions via process and service innovation to help with the digital transformation of the industries in Taiwan.

Category Case Description
Collaborating with Taichung Veterans General Hospital about remote medical consultations for disadvantaged areas.
We have collaborated with Taichung Veterans General Hospital to implement remote telemedicine consultations using 5G enterprise networks. High-resolution images are transmitted to Taichung Veterans General Hospital's high-speed intelligent audiovisual collaboration platform. This serves as a remote consultation support tool for medical care in rural areas. It enables real-time connections with medical teams at the hospital for treatment consultations, benefiting individuals in areas with limited medical resources. This initiative aims to eliminate geographical barriers and ensure that healthcare services reach even the most remote regions.
The first staff dormitory equipped with smart and green services
We have invested nearly 300 million NT dollars to create employee dormitories that have been awarded dual certifications for "Green Building" and "Smart Building." These dormitories are equipped with various highlight services such as AI smart home technology, facial recognition, smart parking systems, IoT sensors, MOD multimedia, IOC smart management center, BIM intuitive building management, safety and disaster prevention measures, and home healthcare solutions. The goal is to create a new generation of high-quality living environments that encompass five key elements: green, smart, healthy, innovative, and sustainable.
Elderly Care for a Happy Living in Pingtung
We have utilized our smart technology to establish the "Ping An Fu D+ Card" to provide preventive tracking services, emergency assistance, and IoT-based self-health management services for the elderly. There is the first demonstration community in Xishi Village, Zhutian Township, Pingtung County, offering anti-wandering services. This solution has been recognized by the 18th Global Views Monthly CSR Awards as an outstanding solution in the Age-friendly category.

Smart vehicle and road cloud services
We have applied ICT technology to innovate smart transportation by utilizing 5G services. They have transformed base stations into vehicle-to-everything (V2X) communication hubs and vehicle detectors. This allows for the provision of priority signaling services for emergency vehicles. Additionally, using CVP (Communications Value-Added Platform) big data, they detect intersection turning flow and travel time, optimize traffic signal timing, and improve travel speed for road users during peak hours. This initiative has received recognition and won the "Innovative Application Award" in the evaluation of the subsidy program by the Ministry of Transportation and Communications.
5G technology applications to reshape the cultural and exhibition industry
We have collaborated with the Gold Museum to launch the "5G XR Experience Tour" service. This service combines technological innovation and interactive exhibitions to create a virtual and real guided tour experience. Through two main experiences, "VR Descending into the Mine" and "Immersive Projection - Golden Moments," they have created a captivating adventure that brings to life the true stories of discovering rich gold mines. Visitors can embark on a fantastic journey and immerse themselves in the history of mining through this unique and engaging experience.

Digital enablement for small and medium-sized businesses
We have assisted small and micro enterprises to innovate, and develop business during the pandemic. Those companies achieve their goals by implementing innovative business models and integrating multiple media platforms to enhance digital capabilities and create their own brands. Through promoting digital tools, they empower businesses with the ability to utilize smart applications in the digital economy. In Yunlin County, we have introduced "contactless payment and paperless transactions" mobile payment applications, creating a smart business environment. This initiative aims to enhance sustainable business capabilities through digital transformation in the post-pandemic era.
Happy Lantern Festival! We presents the first-ever 4D full-angle AR service in Taiwan
The main lantern of the 2022 Taiwan Lantern Festival, titled "Phoenix Dance in Splendor," illuminated the Wei Wu Ying area in Kaohsiung City. Leveraging the high-speed capabilities of our 5G network, we introduced the first-ever 4D full-angle AR (Augmented Reality) service in Taiwan. Twenty high-speed cameras were set up to capture the movements, and real-time stitching technology was applied to create a 4D special effects environment. This allowed us to capture the breathtaking moments where consumers seemingly jumped out of the flat surface, providing an immersive and thrilling experience.

The new future of the 5G mixed reality entertainment industry
We have collaborated with the Sanlih E-Television Group on the "5G MR Mixed Reality Interactive Concert Integration Development" project. This project aims to integrate virtual and real-world interactions through 5G signals, combining physical concerts and live online concerts. The concerts take place at the Legacy Music Exhibition Space, where 5G technology is incorporated into the performances, linking the venue with technological advancements to create innovative music experiences. This project represents a step towards the new world of 5G MR mixed reality metaverse.
Information Technology
Robotic Process Automation Adoption
In 2022, Chunghwa Telecom held “Robotic Process Automation Hackathon Innovative Program" , aiming to enhance depth of company’s RPA adoption. By setting creative arena, cultivating digital literacy, and nurturing citizen developers, Chunghwa Telecom successfully guided 25% of the final round proposals into daily basis automations.