Innovation Management

The competence in R&D and innovation is the very engine that drives the growth of an enterprise. As the leader in the telecom service, in the face of the age of 5G and digital convergence, with an ongoing allocation of resources to lead innovation, Chunghwa Telecom not only established Chunghwa Telecom Laboratories, an organization dedicated to research and development, but also invests billions of NTD in R&D every year in response to ever-evolving challenges.

To cultivate a corporate culture of innovation, the internal platform "Chunghwa Telecom Creative Network" has been established at Chunghwa Telecom as a mean to encourage brilliant ideas proposed by employees and a series of reward mechanisms have been instituted. As such, we encourage employees' passion for innovation with strategies and actions on the ground.

In 2023, Chunghwa Telecom held "Robotic Process Automation Innovative Hackathon", providing total of half million NTD awards for creative proposal and ideas in robotic process automation domain. The initiative not only motivated employees from various locations to form teams and participate, but also demonstrated the emphasis on workflow improvements and innovative applications. It fostered collaboration across platforms, fields, and departments for us to work together to create more intelligent and efficient ways for work.

Process and Service Innovation

With innovative technologies and application experiences, Chunghwa Telecom is constructing the domestic 5G industrial ecosphere. With its core technology and software/hardware energies combined, Chunghwa Telecom offers smart solutions via process and service innovation to individuals and businesses, empowering industries in Taiwan and supporting digital transformation.

Category Case Description


Focusing on Smart Farming to Promote Agricultural Innovation

As an active participant in the Ministry of Agriculture’s policy on IoT data standards for the agricultural sector, Chunghwa Telecom, in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture, established the Smart Farming Sensor Data Format Standards and Testing Regulations. These standards were officially approved by the Taiwan Association of Information and Communication Standards (TAICS), underscoring CHT’s leadership in industry regulation formulation. To drive innovation and collaboration in smart farming, we assisted the Ministry of Agriculture in hosting two conferences, encouraging agricultural institutions to adopt the standards and promote the application of smart farming technologies. This effort adds momentum to the development of modern agriculture.



Implementing Smart Healthcare to Create Social Welfare: Building a 5G Green Corridor for Emergency Rescue

Chunghwa Telecom, in collaboration with National Taiwan University Hospital, Taichung Veterans General Hospital, and Taoyuan Hospital, is leading a new trend in smart healthcare by applying 5G technology to enable cross-hospital specialist consultations, enhancing patient care. We pioneered the "5G Green Corridor for Emergency Rescue" in partnership with Saint Paul’s Hospital to ensure stable communication for ambulances. Utilizing dedicated 5G bandwidth, real-time images, and vital signs from within the ambulance are transmitted smoothly, increasing the efficiency of emergency response and the accuracy of life-saving procedures, thereby providing more reassuring medical services to the public.



2023 Smart City Expo: Innovations in AI, 5G, IoT, and Cloud Applications

Technology-driven law enforcement combines image AI and cloud technology to enable real-time traffic violation detection, encouraging drivers to develop good driving habits, enhancing road safety, and reducing the burden on the police.

Smart port management utilizes unmanned vehicle technology, including drones, unmanned boats, and underwater robots, along with 5G private networks. This creates a self-developed mobile network control system, improving operational efficiency and safety.

The drone fleet management system integrates drones, operators, and project tasks, simplifying operations. It helps operators use AI-driven analytics to monitor inspection status in real-time, effectively managing drones and completing regulatory tasks.



Using Technological Strengths to Achieve Regional Digital Equality and Promote Telecommunications Services in Concert with the Ministry of Digital Affairs

CHT leverages its technological strengths to promote digital equality and transform rural education. In collaboration with the Ministry of Digital Affairs, we utilized our ultra-high-speed 5G technology to curate an immersive learning exhibition at Danlu Elementary School in Pingtung County. Students experienced a panoramic journey through the dinosaur exhibits from the National Museum of Natural Science, broadening their horizons. Following the exhibition, teachers produced additional VR learning materials to stimulate students' interest in science and technology.

Developing 5G Mixed Reality (MR) Smart Healthcare Technology as an Aid for Learning

CHT is developing a smart healthcare ecosystem that facilitates collaboration among patients, healthcare professionals, and startups, providing a comprehensive and intelligent healthcare experience to meet the growing demand for high-quality care. We assist hospitals in establishing private 5G networks connected to our AR Video Conferencing Collaboration Platform. This setup allows learners to remotely observe surgical procedures while instructors explain disease characteristics and treatment recommendations in detail, enhancing the quality and efficiency of surgical training.



Digital Transformation at Shoushan Zoo Provides a Wider Range of 5G-Based Interactive Experiences

In developing cultural technology, CHT collaborated with the Department of Tourism, the Kaohsiung City Government, and Askey Computer Corporation to launch a guide app for Shoushan Zoo. Utilizing augmented reality (AR) technology, the app includes interactive games such as photography challenges and puzzles, offering visitors an extensive technological experience through 5G services. The app is educational, allowing tourists to learn about zoo animals while playing games, and supports the transformation of the zoo into a “smart zoo,” thereby enhancing local and regional tourism in Kaohsiung and creating numerous benefits.

Smart AI Guide at the Taipei Music Center

CHT is dedicated to supporting government policies, promoting locally developed 5G technologies, and developing innovative applications. In collaboration with the Taipei Music Center, we introduced an AI-based tour guide service. Leveraging advanced AI speech generation technology, the service provides detailed information about nearby areas, including the ticketing office and various attractions such as music events, art exhibitions, and restaurants. This innovative use of technology creates an engaging and interactive space, offering visitors a new and immersive experience.

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Innovation Management
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