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Innovation Management

Issue Date:2022/06/30

Innovation Management

The competence in R&D and innovation is the very engine that drives the growth of an enterprise. Following the age of 5G and digital convergence, the telecom service has entered the age of 5G smart applications.

As the leader in the telecom service, Chunghwa Telecom not only established Chunghwa Telecom Laboratories, an organization dedicated to research and development, but also invests billions of NTD in R&D every year to live up to the philosophies of innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship as well as creation of digital prosperity in symbiosis for industries with innovation and sharing.

To cultivate a corporate culture of innovation, the internal platform “Chunghwa Telecom Creative Network” has been established at Chunghwa Telecom as a mean to encourage brilliant ideas proposed by employees and reward them for any proposal adopted. As such, we encourage employees’ passion for innovation with strategies and actions.

Process and Service Innovation

With innovative technologies and application experiences, Chunghwa Telecom is constructing the domestic 5G industrial ecosphere and the integrated applications of 13 vertical markets across 7 categories. With its core technology and software/hardware energies combined, Chunghwa Telecom offers smart solutions in the areas of food, medicine, housing, transportation, education, and entertainment via process and service innovation to help with the digital transformation of the industries in Taiwan.

Category Case Description
Agricultural IoT and AI-powered Farming
To expand the application of the smart IoT technologies in agricultural industry and facilitate an accelerated data integration to achieve precision production and marketing management and put the idea of digital equality in practice, we participated in the agricultural IoT project of the competent agricultural authority to optimize the venue communications. With the features of high speed and low latency of 5G in data transmission, we aided the timely and effective decision-making. This solution has been recognized by the 2020 Smart City and the Gold Award in the 2021 Taiwan Sustainability Action Awards (TSAA).
  1. Alliance with NTUH Hsin-Chu Branch for 5G Smart Medicine
    To elevate medicine quality and build the smart human-centered medical services, we work with NTUH Hsin-Chu Branch to develop innovative applications in the 5G smart medical arena and deploy the dedicated 5G network environment on the hospital. Together with the 5G edge computing service we developed and the multi-access edge computing (MEC) system software, we realized the medical image feeds, mobile nursing carts, smart robotic cleaning and disinfection, inspection and smart monitoring to boost the energies of healthcare, disease management, public health monitoring, relevant education and research.
  2. 5G Precision Connected Emergency System
    To develop the innovative 5G applications of Smart City Taiwan 2.0, we work with Taoyuan General Hospital, Ministry of Health and Welfare. The emergency room and mobile precision medical system (out-of-hospital medical station and ambulance) are connected via the 5G network structure to resolve the conventional bottle neck in communication between the out-of-hospital emergency service and the emergency room on the hospital. Also, the ER Situation System was built for a timely information communication to the hospital, effectively ushering in a new landscape for the medical and healthcare services in Taoyuan. Hence, we assist Taoyuan General Hospital, Ministry of Health and Welfare in effective allocation of medical resources and collectively establish the leading advantage of smart healthcare for Taoyuan.
  1. Elderly Care for a Happy Living in Pingtung
    We gave birth to the first “Dementia Friendly Community” in Taiwan with services like the anti-lost positioning service, emergency services, smart images, friendly and safe transportation, and IoT-enabled autonomous health management service for the elderly. Supported by the local government, it was expanded with services of Yunlin Tianlun D+ Card, Taitung Family Safety D+ Card, and Taipei Memory Security D+ Card available to guard the safety of more elderly to put more families at ease. This solution has been recognized by the 18th Global Views Monthly CSR Awards as an outstanding solution in the Age-friendly category.
  2. 5G Smart Yunlin
    We actively deployed the energy management systems for the 1,594 classrooms across the 194 schools in Yunlin. In addition to the benefit to the schools in power use management and electricity cost reduction, we took it further by designing a display panel for the school children to see the solar power generation and power usage on campus for the energy efficiency education of the future generations.
  1. Integrated Priority Sign Control System
    To effectively improve the efficiency of bus transport and reduce the traffic accidents of ambulance, we collaborated with the National Cheng Kung University to build the first integrated priority sign control system for buses and emergency vehicles in Taiwan. With the V2I technology, the traffic lights, roadside hardware, vehicle and cloud platforms integrated, it computes for the priority rights of way to address the issue of priority sign conflicts for different vehicles. As a result, we built a seamless connection and application for people, vehicles, and roads, offering innovative smart transportation and living for the public.
  2. Autonomous Bus
    Through the New Taipei City Autonomous Electric Bus System Trial Run Program, we worked with Kingwaytek Technology Co., Ltd. and Tamshui Bus Company, Ltd. on the development of NTP autonomous electric buses – Smart Blue route, building the Route 168 as the first bus route in Taiwan run by autonomous electric buses.
  1. “Little Directors of Good Digital Neighbor” to Cultivate Digital Competency in Video for School Children to Care for Local Issues
    Chunghwa Telecom Foundation has been executing the “Little Directors” project for years. With digital applications at the core, it cultivates school children in rural areas to document local stories with their digital competency in video. In light of the outbreak in 2021, to protect the education equality in rural areas during the pandemic, we responded flexibly in line with the trend of digitalization. Combining the teleconferencing technology and broadband network service, we transformed the camp-based curriculum into a distance learning program for children in the rural areas to keep learning from home.
  2. 5G Innovative Application Competition
    In response to the advent of the 5G network era, the first “5G Innovative Application Competition” was organized in 2021 with prizes totaled NT$1.5 million. Participants developed new services in 5G application and various business arenas. Also, technical talents of the industries with interdisciplinary hands-on capabilities for innovation were uncovered. With topics derived from CHT 5G Cross-sectoral Integration Golden Circle and Special Awards for Smart Applications added (Smart Manufacturing, Smart Transportation, and Smart Healthcare) added, it drew nearly 200 teams to the competition with projects in the areas of 5G corporate network, smart transportation, smart telemedicine, smart inspection, AR corporate applications, and smart audiovisual streaming.
  3. Online Summer Science Program
    5G communication integrated with technologies of AI and IoT is one of the major trends in the tech sector for the next 5. Hence, Chunghwa Telecom Training Institute designed brilliant courses in this regard, including “5G Smart Living” for knowledge of the most popular 5G applications and service models; “IoT Hands-on Workshop” to learn about how to use Arduino-enabled open-source software/hardware to produce the temperature/humidity box, digital clock, door and window sensors, and other gadgets in life rich in practicality and fun.
  1. 5G Digital Graffiti
    As a vital member of Kaohsiung’s “Asia New Bay Area 5G AIoT Innovation Hub,” we utilized the latest 5G technology to build the first “5G Digital Graffiti” in the Pier-2 Art Center. People can do graffiti on the wall as if they were holding real spray cans in hands to spray paints and create on the large LED wall at will.
  2. 5G+XR Integrated Interactive Program Production
    Our “Extensive Alliance” strategy is actively developed via the 5G technology deployment. We worked with Sanlih Entertainment Television in response to the 2021 “Subsidy for 5G Technology Innovation Applications in Audiovisual, Exhibition, and Performance” of the Ministry of Culture. Through technology for multiple individuals in the same frame, the audience online and on-site as well as performers of three different stages could interact with one another.