Chunghwa Telecom Once Again Awarded Top 5% S&P Global ESG Score in the Sustainability Yearbook 2024

Chunghwa Telecom Once Again Awarded Top 5% S&P Global ESG Score in the Sustainability Yearbook 2024

Chunghwa Telecom today announced that it has been once again awarded Top 5% S&P Global ESG Score in the Sustainability Yearbook 2024. The Sustainability Yearbook 2024 is based on the 2023 Corporate Sustainability Assessment (CSA) that evaluated over 9,400 companies and only 759 companies are included. The Yearbook highlights the best-performing companies among industry peers, in terms of financially material environmental, social, and governance (ESG) metrics. Chunghwa Telecom once again ranks among the top 5% of sustainable companies worldwide, proving its strong position as an international industry leader with outstanding performance in all aspects of ESG governance.

Outstanding ESG governance achievements continuously recognized as global number one, and Taiwan number one among telecommunications industry

With outstanding ESG governance performance, Chunghwa Telecom has recently received high recognition in international rankings. The Chairman Shui-Yi Kuo stated that the company's mission is to leverage its four assets and resources in customer partnerships, technology platforms, infrastructure networks, and high-quality talents. Under the efforts of all employees upholding the four core values of "integrity, customer trust, innovation and value creation, and accountability," Chunghwa Telecom has achieved numerous global firsts, telecommunications industry firsts, and Taiwan firsts in the past year. These achievements include consecutive inclusion in the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index (DJSI), ranking first among evaluated companies in the global telecommunications industry, being the only telecommunications company to receive the highest long-term credit rating (AA) from Standard & Poor's (S&P), receiving an AA rating from MSCI ESG, and being given long/short-term ratings of "twAAA / twA-1+" by Taiwan Ratings, all of which are the top in the Taiwanese telecommunications industry. These accolades demonstrate Chunghwa Telecom's commitment to ESG governance effectiveness and its vision of becoming a global benchmark company based on sustainable development.

Actively committed to achieving net zero sustainability and taken the lead in advocating and committing to achieving NPI and NND by 2030

The Chairman Shui-Yi Kuo pointed out that in recent years, the impact of climate change has become the most challenging issue for the governments and the enterprises worldwide. As a telecommunications benchmark company, Chunghwa Telecom actively pursues carbon reduction goals. Internally, it has been the first in the domestic peers to implement internal carbon fees, using electricity pricing higher than the industry average to incentivize internal units to make every effort to achieve energy savings and carbon reduction for actively promoting low-carbon operations. Externally, Chunghwa Telecom’s renewable energy procurement is the largest scale in the Taiwanese telecommunications industry. Through the strategies of "technology for carbon reduction" and "usage of renewable energy", Chunghwa Telecom proactively strives towards the goal of keeping the temperature increase below 1.5°C. In addition to announcing the goals such as a 50% reduction in carbon emissions by 2030, achieving RE100 goal by 2040, and reaching net-zero emissions by 2050, Chunghwa Telecom also participates in the first batch of carbon credit procurement in the Taiwan Carbon Exchange in December 2023, demonstrating its unwavering commitment to achieving carbon neutrality. Furthermore, Chunghwa Telecom cares about natural sustainability and has taken the lead in advocating and committing to achieving Net Positive Impact (NPI) on biodiversity and No Net Deforestation (NND) by 2030, contributing to the United Nations' mission of reversing biodiversity loss by 2030 and the vision of harmonious coexistence between humans and nature by 2050.

From top to bottom, from inside to outside, leadership the supply chain to practice ESG

In addition to linking executive compensation to ESG performance, Chunghwa Telecom further elevated the Sustainability and Strategy Committee and the Risk Management Committee to the functional committees at the board level in 2023 to expand the participation of the members of the board in important ESG and risk management issues. The Chairman also serves as the Chief Sustainability Officer, demonstrating Chunghwa Telecom's commitment and determination on ESG. From top to bottom, ESG has been Integrated into Corporate’s DNA.

Chunghwa Telecom also takes the lead in caring for the environment by collaborating with suppliers and continuously driving the entire ICT industry towards the goal of achieving net-zero transformation.

In terms of caring for employees, Chunghwa Telecom is committed to creating a diverse, equal, and inclusive workplace environment. It has implemented various creative measures such as pioneering child-rearing working hours and establishing a workplace mutual aid and childcare service center. In 2023, Chunghwa Telecom was awarded the “Gold Award of the Happiness Enterprise” and the inaugural " Friendly Family Workplace Award" by Parenting Magazine for its efforts in creating a family-friendly workplace.

In the future, Chunghwa Telecom will continue to mutually benefit with the environment, society, and stakeholders. It is dedicated to digital transformation and net-zero transformation, deepening its commitment to ESG sustainability. Through setting ESG performance goals and actively implementing action plans, Chunghwa Telecom strives to exert its influence on sustainable development, aiming to achieve a sustainable vision of "green and low-carbon, digital empowerment, integrity and transparency" to contributing to the sustainable development of the planet, the country, and the society.