Chunghwa Telecom Intensifies International Business with APRICOT Submarine Cable

Chunghwa Telecom Intensifies International Business with APRICOT Submarine Cable

Chunghwa Telecom Co., Ltd. (TAIEX: 2412, NYSE: CHT) (“Chunghwa” or “the Company”) announces it has entered into a joint build agreement and formed the APRICOT consortium with other parties to build a high performance submarine cable connecting Taiwan, Japan, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, and Guam. 


This 12,000-kilometre cable, APRICOT, featured with state-of-art optical transmission technology and an unordinary new routing, is expected to be completed in 2024. It will provide capacity of more than 190Tbps to supply high-speed and stable network for 5G services, IOT, AI, AR/VR, cloud services and video conference in the near future.


Chunghwa Telecom has led Taiwan into the 5G era in 2020, and the users are growing beyond expectations. It is estimated that with the various 5G services become more mature in the next 2 to 3 years, will drive a substantial increase in overall demand. By investing new submarine cables now to obtain ultra-capacity in the future, not only will fully utilize the characteristics of 5G’s high speed, low latency, and mass-connectivity, but also lay a solid cornerstone for Chunghwa Telecom’s international business plan in the Asia-Pacific region, even further to promote Taiwan's position in the regional market.


Chunghwa Telecom, as continuously being the leading information and communications technology service provider of Taiwan and global telecommunications, takes the responsibility to bring quality data and communication service to customers all over the world. To enhance Taiwan’s national network security and strengthen the connectivity with nearby countries and important telecom markets, we keep devoting ourselves into the construction of submarine cables in the region. Recently the Asia-Pacific Gateway (APG, 2016) and the New Cross Pacific (NCP, 2018) have been successively in service at Toucheng cable station. Now the Southeast Asia-Japan 2 (SJC2) is actively under construction and expected to be completed in the next year (2022). Its double landing design in both Tanshui and Fangshan cable station further reduces the risks of accidents in single landing. This time, Chunghwa Telecom once again invests in APRICOT submarine cable and chooses a whole new routing which passes through the eastern side of the Philippines into Indonesian waters then arrives at Singapore which is aimed to further diversify the cable routing and to provide a wider variety of solutions and a more comprehensive business strategy.


Mrs. Hsueh-Lan Wu, President of International Business Group of Chunghwa Telecom, further explains the strategic advantages of this APRICOT cable, “This special route of APRICOT will supplement the APG and SJC2 which land in Hong Kong, Vietnam, and Thailand, together form a complete ring among Taiwan and Southeast Asia countries. We will keep leverage our superiority as of the core of dual ring axis with diverse routings in the Pacific and Southeast Asia region by continue constructing submarine cables to intensify our international business and fulfill customer requirements.”


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