Chunghwa Telecom Group Launches a Sustainability Pledge with Tai Tzu-Ying, Taiwanese Badminton Ace

Chunghwa Telecom Group Launches a Sustainability Pledge with Tai Tzu-Ying, Taiwanese Badminton Ace

Celebrating Earth Day, Chunghwa Telecom Group (CHT) today (22nd) debuts its corporate sustainability video, featuring Chunghwa Telecom Group Chairman Kuo Shui-Yi and Tai Tzu-Ying, Taiwanese badminton ace and Chunghwa Telecom's Sustainable Development Ambassador. The video demonstrates the Group's commitments to sustainability in line with Tai’s athletic spirit. In a series of three games, the video highlights the concept of "Sustainability Excitement, Generation Forward." The Group Chairman Kuo Shui-Yi and President Lin Ivan, along with representatives from 26 subsidiary companies and strategy partners, pledge to join hands to create and develop a sustainable ecosystem, demonstrating the Group’s resolute commitments to driving net-zero emissions and safeguarding the planet through collective actions.

The collaborating companies are as follows: Honghwa International Co., Ltd., Senao International Co., Ltd., CHIEF Telecom Inc., Chunghwa Precision Test Tech. Co., Ltd., Chunghwa Investment Co., Ltd., Chunghwa System Integration Co., Ltd., Light Era Development Co., Ltd., CHYP Multimedia Marketing & Communications Co., Ltd., International Integrated Systems, Inc., CHT Security Co., Ltd., Chunghwa Leading Photonics Tech Co., Ltd., Spring House Entertainment Tech. Inc., Smartfun Digital Co., Ltd., Chunghwa Digital Cultural and Creative Capital Co., Ltd., Next Commercial Bank Co., Ltd., Kingwaytek Technology Co., Ltd., KKCompany Technologies Inc., WiAdvance Technology Corporation, iKala Interactive Media Inc., Chunghwa Telecom Singapore Pte., Ltd., Chunghwa Telecom (Thailand) Co., Ltd., Chunghwa Telecom Japan Co., Ltd., Chunghwa Telecom Vietnam Co., Ltd., and Donghwa Telecom Co., Ltd., and Chunghwa SEA Holdings.

Chairman Kuo Shui-Yi of Chunghwa Telecom Group emphasizes that the collaboration with Tai Tzu-Ying, presented in a trilogy of videos, aims to show how humans and the environment can coexist in a mutually beneficial way, how we can jointly achieve sustainability, and how the Group has persevered towards net-zero  and overcome challenges. Kuo addresses that by leveraging the popularity of Tai Tzu-Ying among the Taiwanese people, Chunghwa Telecom Group promotes the concept of Gung Ho (common good), uniting corporate aspirations and environmental sustainability. With touching stories in the video, he calls on everyone to join the movement towards sustainable net-zero together!


Steadfastly Delivering Excellent Service, Chunghwa Telecom Expands Business and Pioneers New Opportunities

Chairman Kuo also stresses that Chunghwa Telecom will continue its endeavors in "delivering reliable service with steadfast dedication." Building upon its leadership in 5G technology, the company is committed to relentless pursuit of doing things better, enhancing the speed and reliability of its mobile, fixed-line, and Wi-Fi networks. In response to the growing demand for smart home connectivity, Chunghwa Telecom aims to create seamless internet services. Additionally, the company is developing an exclusive network of high-, medium-, and low-earth orbit satellites, alongside mobile, fiber-optic and wireless networks, to establish a comprehensive "sky-to-earth" network service. This initiative signifies a leap into a new era of network technology with immense potential. Beyond strengthening Taiwan's network resilience, Chunghwa Telecom provides the government and customers alike with more comprehensive and high-quality communication services.


Facilitating Digital Transformation Across Industries, Chunghwa Telecom Collaborates with Global Ecosystem Partners

Chunghwa Telecom is driving innovation through seven cutting-edge technologies*, powering 2C2B2G intelligent applications. Collaborating with strategic partners, the company aims to construct a digital ecosystem, facilitating the transformation and upgrading of various industries and the entire population. At the same time, Chunghwa Telecom is actively expanding into international markets, providing a comprehensive range of ICT services to Taiwanese businessmen, while promoting Taiwan's smart applications on the global stage.

Furthermore, there are plans to increase investments in film, television, and sports events. Apart from establishing a digital cultural and creative fund and  fostering strategic partnerships to propel Taiwan's entertainment industry towards the era of film and television 3.0, Chunghwa Telecom is also building the largest audiovisual platform in Taiwan. The company continues to support international sporting events, particularly with its recent acquisition of broadcasting rights for Olympic Games Paris 2024 for five consecutive years. Delivering top-tier broadcast services for international events in a row, Chunghwa Telecom reinvents itself with innovative viewing experiences, including AR technology, for the first time in Olympic history this year. Through MOD and Hami Video platforms, viewers can watch in real time the outstanding performances of Chinese Taipei athletes like Tai Tzu-Ying, cheering and celebrating together!


Stepping Up for Fraud Prevention, Chunghwa Telecom Combats Scams with a Comprehensive Approach

In response to recently pervasive telecom fraud, Chairman Kuo emphasizes that Chunghwa Telecom is resolutely committed to preventing and combating fraud, with zero tolerance for telecom scams. Since May 2023, the company has been at the forefront among domestic peers in introducing comprehensive measures to block overseas calls with the "+886 0-9" prefix, effectively achieving a 100% interception rate. Additionally, Chunghwa Telecom has implemented full voice warning services for overseas calls to both fixed-line and mobile phones (including VoLTE), utilizing intelligent anti-fraud technology to protect customers from falling victim to scams. Furthermore, using keyword filtering, the company offers precise interception of fraudulent messages from both domestic and overseas sources along with the "123 Six-Digit Exclusive SMS" service. On the other hand, AI-enhanced internet security services have been deployed to prevent malicious links, ransomware, and phishing threats, safeguarding the financial security of the populace on all fronts.

We're Determined to Win This Battle! Sustainability Toward Net Zero, Moving Forward with Determination and No Looking Back

Chairman Kuo points outs that Chunghwa Telecom's determination towards achieving sustainable net-zero goals is resolute and its objectives are clear. In addition to leading commitments such as halving carbon emissions by 2030, joining EV100 by 2030, RE100 by 2040, and achieving net-zero carbon emissions by 2050, the company has implemented concrete measures such as equipment replacement for energy efficiency, smart energy-saving initiatives in data centers, phasing out 3G, pioneering 5G C-RAN, advancing IOWN, signing Corporate Power Purchase Agreements (CPPA), and constructing and contracting solar photovoltaic fields.

These actions have successfully decoupled revenue from carbon emissions. Chunghwa Telecom has also leveraged the collective group strength to promote sustainability, collaborating with Next Commercial Bank to introduce automatic payments for all Chunghwa Telecom bills, enabling paperless billing incentives, and encouraging customers to reduce carbon footprints. Collaborating with supply chain partners that share the same eco-friendly perspective, the company is driving the transformation across the ICT ecological chain towards net-zero, fostering a win-win ecosystem.

On biodiversity, Chunghwa Telecom has taken the lead last year among industry peers by committing to achieve Net Positive Impact (NPI) on biodiversity and No Net Deforestation (NND) by 2030. The company has been actively involved in conservation afforestation and tree planting initiatives across Taiwan, aiming to plant 150,000 trees within eight years to promote habitat conservation. Moreover, Chunghwa Telecom is in the process of integrating no-deforestation policies into its daily operations and is actively promoting measures such as Other Effective Area-based Conservation Measures (OECM) and the Taskforce on Nature-related Financial Disclosures (TNFD) reports to comprehensively contribute to biodiversity conservation efforts.

Looking ahead, Chunghwa Telecom will continue dedicating itself to leveraging cutting-edge information and communication technologies to empower Taiwan's Six Core Strategic Industries and Five Trustable Industries. Supporting businesses around Taiwan, the company is committed to co-creating a dual-axis transformation together. Chairman Kuo calls out sentimentally, "For the love of Taiwan, we will advance sustainably. We also look forward to rallying the entire country to strive for net zero emissions together, making a sustainable and prosperous future come true for all."



1. Seven cutting-edge technologies include AIoT, Big Data, Cloud / IDC, Data Security, Edge Computing, Fifth Gen. Mobile Network and Gen AI.

2. Video Links: