Chunghwa Telecom’s Smart City Summit & Expo “Digital Leads, Sustainability Proceeds” Toward a new Era of Digital Sustainability

Chunghwa Telecom’s Smart City Summit & Expo “Digital Leads, Sustainability Proceeds” Toward a new Era of Digital Sustainability

The 2024 Smart City Summit & Expo runs from Tuesday March 19th through Friday March 22nd in Hall 2 of the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center. This year Chunghwa Telecom will be at booth P402, participating in the Smart City Summit & Expo for its 11th consecutive year as a leading brand of digital ecosystem co-creators, committed to technology innovation and service. With “Digital Leadership for Sustainable Growth” as the central theme of this year’s expo, Chunghwa Telecom is presenting 13 projects at the Taipei exhibition, highlighting creative accomplishments in smart transportation, smart manufacturing, smart culture, smart cities and exports.

”Chunghwa Telecom holds four core values: Integrity, Trustworthy, Innovation and Accountability,” explains Chunghwa Telecom Chairman Kuo Shui-yi. “We are leading the development of smart city technology and applications, continuing to deepen collaborative cooperation in diverse industries, moving together toward a new era of digital sustainability, taking our successes overseas, and demonstrating Taiwan’s technical strengths and excellence.”

Smart transportation was acknowledged with an innovative application award for assisting with urban transportation planning and development

Chunghwa Telecom has created a realistic city model in the exhibition area of their “Smart Transportation” solution. The model demonstrates CVP data collected over mobile networks aggregated with telecom big data, enabling traffic analysis such as travel time, traffic flow trends, route selection, and review of road signal planning. This supports local governments in developing strategies for traffic management and transportation planning. This year the smart transportation project Enhancing Traffic information Services with CVP (cellular-based vehicle probe) Application was recognized with the 2024 Smart City Innovation Application Award in the Corporate Innovation Category.

As domestic tourism grows, large-scale international events and concerts are increasingly held in Taiwan. Where a large number of people gather, Chunghwa Telecom uses telecom big data combined with AI to analyze and predict traffic conditions for the following 30 minutes. Leveraging data as the foundation, creating immediate solutions to help local governments effectively handle crowd and traffic dispersal challenges. After an event, observing hot spots where people flock after dispersal, such as to shopping malls, restaurants and hotels using telecom big data. This analysis helps local governments optimize traffic planning for events and assess the economic benefits brought by the events.

The expo will feature our 5G Intersection Movement Assistance System demonstrating Chunghwa Telecom’s engagement with the National Development Council’s project to create 5G V2X Technology providing an Intelligent Assistance System for Light Rail Intersection Safety. The system integrates event detection, warning systems, and signal broadcasting to reveal blind spots for light rail conductors and provide them with a better understanding of traffic conditions at intersections. Drivers also receive information about signal status and remaining time before reaching an intersection to help them to make good decisions.

Chunghwa Telecom’s Smart Parking demonstrates an integrated future intelligent parking application. In addition to the basic function of recognizing cars that enter the lot to manage the number of parked cars, the system also uses AI image recognition for vehicle detection. Streaming video and recognition results are transmitted to the smart parking platform over CHT’s 5G mobile network allowing parking operators to understand the status and usage information for each parking space.

5G private networks connect automation equipment, raising the efficiency and competitiveness of smart manufacturing

Chunghwa Telecom’s Smart Manufacturing integrates robotic arms, AI-based optical inspection and autonomous mobile robots (AMR) over a 5G private mobile network. The system raises efficiency, significantly reducing labor required for inspections and shipments. AI-based optical inspection (AOI) detects the status of goods and provides real-time feedback over a private 5G network. Following AI image recognition, defects are quickly identified, saving the time which had been required for traditional manual visual inspection and improving overall production efficiency.

Chunghwa Telecom’s 5G Enterprise Private Network, with its high speed, low latency, and massive connectivity, has been successfully introduced for many vertical use cases, assisting business operators to establish dedicated networking environments. The system incorporates edge computing technology to provide local offloading capabilities, significantly enhancing information security, meeting the network needs of various fields and assisting enterprises with their digital transformation initiatives to enhance their competitiveness.

5G networks Enhance Cultural Technology, Integrating AR/VR into People's Daily Lives

Chunghwa Telecom integrates ICT digital application services with 5G networks to create highly immersive virtual reality experiences with digital content overlaid onto the real world or full virtual reality through cloud platforms and high-speed mobile networks. The service can also be used for guidance in museums, cultural venues and in tourist districts. By simply using their smartphones, tablets, smart glasses, or projection devices, people can access a wide range of AR/VR digital content and engage in interactive experiences.

Creating All-Inclusive Smart Cities to Enhance Competitiveness and Quality of Life

Chunghwa Telecom provides related technology and solutions for all-inclusive smart cities, enhancing the overall competitiveness of business operators and the quality of life of urban residents. In order to effectively stop traffic violations and reduce accidents and casualties, Chunghwa Telecom offers Cloud-based Multifunctional Technology Law Enforcement. This solution utilizes internally developed AI road intelligence video analysis technology combined with telecommunications networks and cloud services to detect violations and gather evidence, which is then linked to the n system for enforcement. Chunghwa Telecom's Mobile AI Technology Law Enforcement seamlessly integrates a variety of 5G application scenarios with terminal shooting equipment. Equipped with lightweight vehicles and person-based mobile AI computing technology, it harnesses advanced mobile AI intelligence to enable government agencies to swiftly and accurately enforce the law.

The Smart City Summit & Expo demonstrates integration of diverse payment methods into a single device, meeting the electronic payment needs of merchants and consumers alike. It supports mainstream KIOSK and POS machines in Taiwan and is compatible with various IoT self-service devices. In the Taipei exhibition area, we are showing an ice cream vending machine equipped with multi-payment services, demonstrating enhanced operational efficiency and reduced labor costs through smart checkout solutions.

The SynDr. Telemedicine Platform offers services for real-time collaboration from multiple sources, catering to various scenarios including video consultations and specialist engagement. The system can also be integrated with different medical devices as needed, enabling immediate transmission of medical images from remote areas. This extension of medical resources from hospitals to remote areas overcomes geographical barriers.

Chunghwa Telecom's Smart Drone Patrol service integrates drones, 5G mobile communication, and AI recognition technology to create the Drone Fleet Management System. Chunghwa Telecom has also pioneered the first domestic unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) flight management system, which effectively prevents aviation safety-related events by integrating remote identification information of drones, flight paths, and 3D maps.

Valuable Results Extended Overseas – Connecting the Intelligent Ecosystems of Industrial Chains

Chunghwa Telecom fully leverages Taiwan's strategic location in the Asia-Pacific region to provide the APAC Connect Hub. By combining the extensive coverage of our local loop services and high-spec green data center, Chunghwa Telecom offers the largest international bandwidth (HiNet), IPLC, HiNet peering and IP transit services in Taiwan, forming a comprehensive five-in-one integrated service and attracted major global OTT (Over-The-Top) operators to set up operations. Chunghwa Telecom also plans to use renewable energy for all IDC cloud data centers by 2030, aiming to achieve the RE100 goal by 2040 and promote low-carbon sustainable development.

As an enabler in the digital transformation landscape, Chunghwa Telecom actively supports the overseas development of Taiwanese businesses, providing highly efficient and reliable international circuit services connecting the headquarters of Taiwanese enterprises with their factories abroad, ensuring uninterrupted cross-region business operations. Chunghwa Telecom’s offices abroad provide one-stop services including localized data communications infrastructure, low-voltage systems, cabling, communications systems, 4G/5G private networks and cybersecurity, which all can be adapted to the needs of Taiwanese enterprises, ensuring adaptability and reliability of local services.

Experience More Smart City Services at Chunghwa Telecom’s Exhibition Area

Chunghwa Telecom is showcasing 13 exhibition projects at the 2024 Smart City Summit & Expo in Taipei. Additionally, Chunghwa Telecom's ESG achievements and technologies are featured at the 2050 Net Zero City Expo on the 4th floor.