Chunghwa Telecom forms cross-border alliance with Singtel Integrating innovative 5G applications and services to align with the international market

Chunghwa Telecom forms cross-border alliance with Singtel Integrating innovative 5G applications and services to align with the international market

Chunghwa Telecom's innovative 5G network slicing services mark a new milestone as it announces the signing of a contract with Singtel on December 4th. The collaboration aims to leverage Singtel's Paragon platform strengths to create an integrated service platform for 5G network slicing and cloud applications. This platform will enable customers to rapidly deploy their 5G slicing applications and access the necessary cloud resources. Looking ahead, Chunghwa Telecom plans to further align with the international market, collaborating with Singtel and its global alliance partners to collectively drive innovation in 5G applications and services, continuing to lead Taiwan's 5G industry.

The most advanced 5G network slicing technology KKBOX concert with thousands of people and medical emergency corridor commercial case

Chunghwa Telecom is actively investing in the construction of 5G Standalone (SA) architecture. 5G network slicing is one of the most advanced technologies in the 5G SA architecture. It can cut out dedicated channels from the 5G network and connect them to the network. It provides stable mobile communication transmission during peak hours and is especially suitable for large-scale 5G applications that require guaranteed bandwidth. Compared with traditional 5G private network construction, the preparation time for 5G network slicing is shorter, so it is suitable for temporary or short-term needs. Chunghwa Telecom recently used 5G network slicing technology to create "5G x AI-generated music and images" on the KKBOX chart, creating the first interactive performance for thousands of people in a concert; it also collaborated with St. Paul's Hospital to create the first 5G network slicing service combined with emergency rescue system to build Taiwan's first "5G Emergency Rescue Green Corridor" to improve the efficiency of emergency treatment.

The two powers join hands in cross-border alliance to promote the rapid popularization of 5G SA innovative application services

Singapore Telecommunications Limited (Singtel) is Singapore's largest mobile network operator. It has invested in 22 countries and regions around the world, covering Asia Pacific, the Middle East, Europe and the United States, and provides services to more than 770 million mobile customers.

Alex Chien, Senior Executive Vice President of Chunghwa Telecom, pointed out that, Chunghwa Telecom is honoured to form an alliance with Singtel to jointly build an innovative application platform Paragon that integrates 5G and cloud to meet customer needs and will promote 5G network slicing services. With added power, Chunghwa Telecom will provide the highest quality, advanced and convenient services to Chunghwa Telecom’s customers. Chunghwa Telecom will also participate in Singtel’s 5G SA alliance ecosystem, continuing to exchange experience in 5G innovative applications and services with telecom partners from all over the world, and work hard together to strengthen the 5G market and lead the way into the new 5G era.

Bill Chang, CEO of Singtel Digital InfraCo, mentioned: "Singtelemphasizesgreat importanceof 5G use cases to enable industry transformation in the global market and has establishedstrategic partnerships in many countries.  Singtel is gladtopartnerwith Chunghwa Telecom, Taiwan’s leading telecommunications company, to mutually expand the service opportunities of 5Gmonetizationregionally”

Since Chunghwa Telecom took the lead in launching 5G in 2020, it has actively built and promoted the development of 5G technology. This cross-border alliance with Singtel will become an important driver in exploring new business opportunities in 5G forward-looking smart technology and driving the 5G innovative application market to heat up.



Singtel is Asia's leading communications technology group, providing a portfolio of services from next-generation communication, 5G and technology services to infotainment to both consumers and businesses. The Group has presence in Asia, Australia and Africa and reaches over 770 million mobile customers in 21 countries. Its infrastructure and technology services for businesses span 21 countries, with more than 428 direct points of presence in 362 cities.

For consumers, Singtel delivers a complete and integrated suite of services, including mobile, broadband and TV. For businesses, Singtel offers a complementary array of workforce mobility solutions, data hosting, cloud, network infrastructure, analytics and cyber security capabilities.

Singtel is dedicated to continuous innovation, harnessing technology to create new and exciting customer experiences and shape a more sustainable, digital future.

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