Chunghwa Telecom 2022 Annual General Meeting Results Announcement Distribute NT$4.608 per Common Share in Cash

Release Date : 2022/05/27

Chunghwa Telecom 2022 Annual General Meeting Results Announcement Distribute NT$4.608 per Common Share in Cash

Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C. May 27, 2022 - Chunghwa Telecom Co., Ltd. (“CHT”, TAIEX: 2412, NYSE: CHT) today held its annual general meeting, “AGM”.. The meeting was hosted by Chairman Chi-Mau Sheih. Shareholders in attendance represented 6,234,164,411 shares, or 80.36% of total outstanding shares.

The Company’s 2021 business summary, 2021 consolidated financial statements and 2021 dividend proposal were ratified by shareholders. The proposals approved at the meeting included:

1. Amendments to the Company’s Articles of Incorporation

2. Amendments to the Company’s Procedures for Acquisition/Disposal of Assets

3. Amendments to the Company’s Ordinance of Shareholder Meetings

4. Appointment, election and/or rotation of the Company's 13 10th term directors are as follows:


  • 8 Directors: Chi-Mau Sheih, Shui-Yi Kuo, Shin-Yi Chang, Sin-Horng Chen, Ching-Hwi Lee, Hsiang-Ling Hu, Shiu-Chuan Tsai and Shih-Hung Tseng, representing the MOTC
  • 5 Independent Directors: Yu-Fen Lin, Chung-Chin Lu, Yi- Chin Tu, Chia-Chung Chen and Su-Ming Lin

    5. Release of non-compete restrictions for the Company’s 10th term directors

    The background of the board members of this term becomes more diverse in terms of gender including three female directors compared with one female directors of previous term. The 13 directors come from industry, government and academia with a various range of expertise across telecommunications, technology, information, art, law and finance areas. Moreover, several directors are equipped with risk management expertise. Altogether, the company’s move to enhance board diversity demonstrates the company’s commitment to best practice of corporate governance and ESG practice to achieve sustainability.

    The 2021 dividend to shareholders passed at the meeting was NT$4.608 per common share in cash, totaling NT$35,746,313,679.


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