Chunghwa Telecom holds 2019 Annual General Meeting

Release Date : 2019/06/21

Chunghwa Telecom holds 2019 Annual General Meeting

Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C. June 21, 2019 - Chunghwa Telecom Co., Ltd. (“CHT”, TAIEX: 2412, NYSE: CHT) today held its annual general meeting. The meeting was hosted by Chairman Chi-Mau Sheih. Shareholders in attendance represented 6,192,367,494 shares, or 79.82% of total outstanding shares.

The Company’s 2018 business report, 2018 financial statements and the proposal for 2018 earnings distribution were ratified by shareholders. The proposals approved at the meeting included:

  1. The amendment to the Articles of Incorporation, the "Procedures for Acquisition or Disposal of Assets", the "Operational Procedures for Loaning Funds to Others" and the "Operational Procedures for Endorsements/Guarantees".
  2. The election of the Company's 9th term directors, 13 in total as follows:
    • 8 Directors: Chi-Mau Sheih, Shui-Yi Kuo, Yu-Lin Huang, Shin-Yi Chang, Ho-Ting Huang, Sin-Horng Chen, Hung-Yi Hsiao, and Chin Tsai Pan, representing the MOTC.
    • 5 Independent Directors: Lo-Yu Yen, JenRan Chen, Yu-Fen Lin, Chung-Chin Lu and Yi- Chin Tu.
  3. Release of restrictions on competitive activities on the Directors of the 9th Board of Directors.

The 2018 dividend to shareholders passed in the meeting is NT$4.479 per common share in cash, totally NT$34,745,603,075.


About Chunghwa Telecom

Chunghwa Telecom (TAIEX 2412, NYSE: CHT) (“Chunghwa” or “the Company”) is Taiwan’s largest integrated telecommunications services company that provides fixed-line, mobile, broadband, and internet services. The Company also provides information and communication technology services to corporate customers with its big data, information security, cloud computing and IDC capabilities, and is expanding its business into innovative technology services such as IoT, AI, etc. In recent years, Chunghwa has been actively involved in corporate social responsibility and has won domestic and international awards and recognition. For more information, please visit our website at