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Stakeholder Engagement

Issue Date:2020/11/09

We combine corporate social responsibility with daily corporate business management because we believe that an appropriate management of corporate social responsibility issues is a critical factor for achieving our mission. It enables us to face possible future problems and challenges more responsibly, to create more value for company business development, clients, and the vast stakeholder base. We focus on listening to the voices of all our stakeholders, and have adopted a proactive communications approach to promptly and reasonably respond to external demand.

If you have any feedback to share, please feel free to contact us through dedicated email:chtcsr@cht.com.tw

Improvement of the Company’s Corporate Project Management

Regarding the corporate project case which involved employees of Chunghwa Telecom being prosecuted in Feb 2019, we reviewed the administrative responsibilities of relevant personnel for violation through the Assessment Committee in compliance with statutory regulations, and took specific disciplinary actions depending on the situation.

Besides fully cooperating with judicial inquiries, we conducted the following actions to prevent this incident from happening again:

1. Reiterate company policy

  • Chunghwa Telecom operates with honesty and integrity. We strictly follow relevant regulations, meet our customers' needs in time and with high quality, and manage the effectiveness and risks of corporate projects.

2. Strengthen management mechanism

  • We issued the amended “Chunghwa Telecom Corporate Project Management and Working Guidelines.”We optimize standard operating procedure (SOP), strengthen credit line management and credit operation of customers and suppliers and prohibit the transmission of illicit profits and irregular transaction in order to strictly manage and control corporate projects’ effectiveness and risks.

3. Reinforce management process

  • Enhanced “Risk/Abnormal Incident Response Team”:
  • Review individual project progress on a monthly basis, and report status on risk / abnormal incidents to the President.
  • Established a new “Project Controller Supervision Team”:
  • With the executives as convener and accounting, legal, corporate customer and marketing departments as members, the Team is set to review major projects. It also holds a nationwide follow-up meeting on a monthly basis, and report meeting minutes to the President.

4. Enhance training for corporate account managers

  • In 2018, we conducted six educational sessions and seminars with 803 participants and 7,686 training hours.
  • In 2019, we also carried out six educational sessions and seminars with 1,002 participants and 9,474 training hours thus so far.
  • The Type of training covers project manager certification courses, practice in corporate customer projects, corporate project management and working guidelines, BCRM system operation and orientation for new employees serving our enterprise customers, which are expected to strengthen our ethical corporate management and widely promote revisions of the amended “Chunghwa Telecom Corporate Projects Management and Working Guidelines.”

5. Feedback and improvement plan

  • The Company tests all his employees compliance knowledge in the Code of Conduct regularly. Furthermore, we’ve included this case into course materials and test question database. Besides demonstrating that Chunghwa Telecom complies with regulations and promotes integrity in the workplace, we also ensure employees understand the Code of Conduct they ought to follow to prevent inappropriate or illegal behaviors.
  • We gather feedback and suggestions from corporate account managers as an important reference for revising “Chunghwa Telecom Corporate Project Management and Working Guidelines” and enhancing management measures as well.

Multilayered Channels

Engagement with stakeholders and the identification of key issues is the core of CSR. Since the first CSR report was published in 2007, Chunghwa Telecom had been enhancing interaction by inviting different stakeholders to meetings with relevant departmental managers from time to time. Stakeholder profiles and a stakeholder maps are used as tools on the local level.
Our CSR reports are also verified by third parties to ensure their reliability and accuracy.