Environmental Sustainability

Energy Management

Issue Date:2022/06/30

Energy Management System

Chunghwa Telecom is the first telecom company in Taiwan that introduced and was certified to ISO 50001 Energy Management (EnMS). We combine an array of technologies of electricity environmental monitoring and systems development to actively improve the energy consumption at workplace, IDCs, and base stations to raise power usage effectiveness and cut costs, which effectively reduce the environmental impacts from carbon emissions in order to achieve eco-friendliness and the Company’s goal for net-zero emissions.

CHT Energy Uses
Year 2019 2020 2021
Total consumption of “non-renewable energy” (MWh) 1,350,660 1,575,811 1,479,259
Total amount of “purchased or self-produced” renewable energy (MWh) 81,932 87,632 89,979

IDC Energy Saving

The electricity consumption at the IDCs and base stations are the main contributors to the carbon emissions at Chunghwa Telecom. In 2020, we officially made the commitment to “100% IDCs using renewable energy by 2030.” We are actively procuring renewable energy from the private sector. Part of the renewable energy procurement has been completed in 2022 with a plan to raise the procurement amount year by year to increase the share of renewable energy used. Through the accurate construction of 5G base stations and the innovative C-RAN architecture, it leverages the ICT technologies to cut GHG emissions.

Aside from transformation of decades of experiences cumulated in electricity environmental monitoring and system development into energy management technical support to launch “Intelligent Energy Network Service,” Chunghwa Telecom was also the first in the industry to propose the state-of-the-art C-RAN architecture in 2020. It not only saves a huge amount of energy consumed by air-conditioning for cooling and the supporting equipment but also effectively saves spaces required in the base stations, achieving the goal of low-carbon sustainable network construction.

To reduce the overall carbon emissions of the Company, we have incorporated 100% IDCs using renewable energy in the long-term carbon management goals of the Company. Through transformation of Internet Data Centers (IDCs) and VoIP technology for the telecom equipment introduced, we expect to save a huge amount of energy consumption, using technology to save energy, cut emissions, and achieve the vision of net-zero emissions.

IDC – Energy Consumption
Year 2019 2020 2021
Total energy consumed (MWh) 166,000 165,760 161,944
Percentage of renewable energy used (%) 6 6 6.3
IDC – Power Usage Efficiency
Year 2019 2020 2021
Average Power Usage Efficiency (PUE) 1.67 1.67 1.66
Banqiao IDC – Renewable Energy Use
Year 2019 2020 2021
Electricity generated from solar energy (kWh) 100,896 104,608 108,767
Electricity used (kWh) 24,470,132 34,446,400 42,700,800