Environmental Sustainability

5G Green Enterprise

Issue Date:2023/06/30

5G Green Enterprise

To live up to its commitment to environmental sustainability and march toward the goal of net-zero emissions, Chunghwa Telecom aims for becoming a “Green Enterprise.” The 5G (Green) Green Enterprise Actions were taken to incorporate the environmental sustainability issues into the corporate operation, products, and services to strengthen the core competencies and guide the development of a low-carbon sustainable industry.

5G Action Results in 2022
1G: Green Operation
  • 100% environmental information management with the self-developed EARTH system
  • Certifications with ISO 14001, ISO 50001, and ISO 14064-1
  • The only telecom operator that obtained the BS 8001 circular economy verification
  • Certification to the highest grade of TCFD Conformity Check for 3 consecutive years
2G: Green Energy
  • 4.658.8 kWp of installed capacity of self-established Solar Power systems and 24,029 T-REC obtained
  • Self-built green base stations (solar powered), including two base stations in Ciaotou, Kaohsiung and Yuanli, Miaoli (with an installed capacity of 9 kWp)
  • Self-built green base station (wind powered with a total installed capacity of 12 KW), tested by an international qualified institution and certified to IEC 61400-2 small wind turbines
3G: Green Energy
  • 447 service centers transformed into green stores
  • Syntrend Service Center in Taipei obtained the Carbon Label for Services of the Environmental Protection Administration
  • Paperless for various services, saving up to 2.23 million sheets of paper and reducing carbon footprints in services
  • Products with green marks/labels introduced, and the application collection services for energy-saving subsidy conducted in cooperation with county and city governments
  • FSC-certified Shopping bags in conformity to the environmental requirements
4G: Green Supply Chain
  • First telecom operator in Taiwan that promotes supply chain sustainable management
  • With reference to ISO 20400 Sustainable Procurement - Guidance’s framework for the ICT enterprise
  • Member of the international platform of CDP Supply Chain Program to increase the carbon management efficiency
5G: Green Procurement
  • NT$17,605 million of green procurement amount
  • An annual green procurement amount of 28.67% of the total procurement amount

1G: Green Operation

To more efficiently manage all the environmental resources and energy efficiency performance, we successfully developed the Environment ARtificer THeurgy System, aka. the EARTH system, to effectively reduce costs in energy and raise environmental management efficiency.

Environmental Management Expenditure
Item 2019 2020 2021 2022
Environmental management costs (NT$ thousand) 328,558 329,126 330,550 348,375
Percentage in revenue (%) 0.16 0.16 0.16 0.16

2G: Green Energy

To fulfill the commitment to 100% IDCs using renewable energy and march toward the goal of net-zero emissions, Chunghwa Telecom proactively invests in renewable development and deploy solar power plant. A total of 55 Solar Power systems installed across Taiwan with a total capacity of 4,658.8 kWp as of the end of 2022.

3G: Green Store

Chunghwa Telecom is the first telecom company with the first service center fully transformed into a green store in Taiwan. With the “CHT Green Store,” we encourage consumers to purchase green products first. Chunghwa Telecom’s revenue from green products as of the end of December 2022 was NT$289.58 million, accounting for 14.17% of revenue from its commercially available products.

Low-carbon Products of Chunghwa Telecom
Type of Products Low carbon product Avoided emissions for third-parties
Description MOD Set-top box 
1. The number of CHT’s Set-top box in 2022 was 2,388,898, and we shall continue to promote carbon emission reduction with 40.476 t-CO2e reduced per year.
2. ISO 14067 carbon footprint certificate was obtained in June 2023.
IDCs and cloud services
1. The IDCs of Chunghwa Telecom are green data centers with a high energy efficiency (PUE 1.65), far superior to that of the conventional IDCs (PUE 1.9), hosting over 10,000 chassis for users
2. Approximately 22.68 million kWh of electricity saved per year for consumers by using the IDC services of Chunghwa Telecom, according to the electricity consumption statistics of IDCs in 2022
% of total revenues * 22.04% 38.41%
total reduced/avoided emissions per year 40.476 t-CO2e 11,540 t-CO2e

*Note: % of total revenues from "climate change" product(s) in FY 2022

We promote the “paperless receipt service” comprehensively. As of December 2022, the ratio of paperless receipts was over 72%. With 612 million sheets of paper saved, which is equivalent to 55,600 trees saved or 11,000 metric tons of carbon emissions reduced, we contributed to the global warming mitigation.

Item 2019 2020 2021 2022
Sheets of paperless bills (in 10K) 1,933 1,968 1,994 2,039
Ratio of paperless bills (%) 70 71 71 72
Sheets of paper saved (in K) 579,946 590,000 590,000 611,603
Trees in conversion 52,7220 53,673 54,382 55,600
Carbon emissions reduced (metric ton) 10,439 10,627 10,768 11,009

4G: Green Supply Chain

As early as in 2008, we have been implementing “sustainable supply chain management action” as the first telecom operator that implemented the supply chain sustainability management. To strengthen the “sustainability level” throughout the supply chain, Chunghwa Telecom went first in the industry by securing two “Firsts in terms of Supply Chain”:

  • First ICT enterprise that launched the “sustainable supply chain” initiative, effectively connecting with authoritative sustainability organizations and partners around the globe to specifically respond to the UN SDGs together with our supplier partners
  • First telecom operator in Taiwan that joined “CDP Supply Chain Program” to invite suppliers to fill out their carbon management information on the international platform, elevating the suppliers’ carbon management capabilities via the scientific, quantitative mechanism.

5G: Green Procurement

Chunghwa Telecom proactively puts the idea of “green procurement” into action. It procures green products with green labels (low in pollution, recyclable, resource efficient, or green building materials), self-declared, or with lower environmental impacts throughout their lifecycles (from resource procurement to disposal) first and actively partakes in green procurement initiatives and campaigns in an attempt to encourage the green consumption trend in the industry and the broader society.

Aiming for an annual 5% of green procurement, we work to raise the green procurement to 50% or more in the overall procurement amount in the future. Also, ISO 20400 sustainable procurement guidance has been introduced to strengthen and exercise the green practices of sustainable procurement through the ISO procurement management system.

Year 2019 2020 2021 2022
Green procurement amount (NT$ million) 1,024 904 14,994 17,605
Percentage of green procurement amount (%) 2.47 1.08 22.37 28.67