Corporate Governance

Major Shareholders

Issue Date:2019/05/01

Major Shareholder Total Shares Owned Owenership %
Ministry of Transportation and Communications R.O.C. Total Shares Owned:2,737,718,976.00 Owenership:35.29%
Shin Kong Life Insurance Co., Ltd. Total Shares Owned:543,769,184.00 Owenership:7.01%
CTBC Bank Trust Account - CHT Employee Stock Ownership Trust Plan Total Shares Owned:325,538,361.00 Owenership:4.20%
JP Morgan Chase Bank, N.A., acting as depositary and representative of CHT ADRS Total Shares Owned:231,217,880.00 Owenership:2.98%
Chunghwa Post Co., Ltd. Total Shares Owned:143,468,719.00 Owenership:1.85%
Labor Pension Fund of the New Labor Pension System, R.O.C. Total Shares Owned:126,511,500.00 Owenership:1.63%
Labor Insurance Fund, R.O.C. Total Shares Owned:121,828,644.00 Owenership:1.57%
Cathay Life Insurance Co., Ltd. Total Shares Owned:119,582,848.00 Owenership:1.54%
Fubon Life Insurance Co., Ltd. Total Shares Owned:89,518,087.00 Owenership:1.15%
Taiwan Life Insurance Co., Ltd. Total Shares Owned:75,112,000.00 Owenership:0.97%
Note:As of the shareholders book on April 23, 2019.