Corporate Governance

Major Shareholders

Major Shareholder Total Shares Owned Owenership %
Ministry of Transportation and Communications R.O.C. Total Shares Owned:2,737,718,976.00 Owenership:35.29%
Shin Kong Life Insurance Co., Ltd. Total Shares Owned:507,011,184.00 Owenership:6.54%
CTBC Bank Trust Account - CHT Employee Stock Ownership Trust Plan Total Shares Owned:326,910,338.00 Owenership:4.21%
Cathay Life Insurance Co., Ltd. Total Shares Owned:308,108,000.00 Owenership:3.97%
JP Morgan Chase Bank, N.A., acting as depositary and representative of CHT ADRS Total Shares Owned:221,589,660.00 Owenership:2.86%
Chunghwa Post Co., Ltd. Total Shares Owned:144,120,719.00 Owenership:1.86%
Labor Pension Fund of the New Labor Pension System, R.O.C. Total Shares Owned:132,519,500.00 Owenership:1.71%
Labor Insurance Fund, R.O.C. Total Shares Owned:118,529,644.00 Owenership:1.53%
Taiwan Life Insurance Co., Ltd. Total Shares Owned:84,419,000.00 Owenership:1.09%
Fubon Life Insurance Co., Ltd. Total Shares Owned:54,638,855.00 Owenership:0.70%
Note:As of the shareholders book on March 29, 2021.