Sustainable Governance

Materiality Survey Questionnaire

Issue Date:2023/06/29

Material ESG Issues Survey

We attach importance to the interaction and communication with the vast stakeholders. Either in operation or sustainability, the involvement of stakeholders helps Chunghwa Telecom build more comprehensive sustainability mechanisms, offering better solution strategies and ESG action plans.

Please check the ESG issues of your concern. The results of this issue survey shall serve as the basis for relevant policies, improvements, and action plans so as to create a better sustainability cycle.

Detail description is provided for each ESG issue for you to better understand the importance of the issue and the effect and impact on Chunghwa Telecom. The information and suggestions you provide will be keep in confidence for the purpose of internal reference only.

Issues Survey

Please click on the issue you are interested in.provides a detailed description of the issue to help you better understand the importance of the issue and its impact on Chunghwa Telecom.