The first Milkshop opened its doors in Jiali, Tainan in 2006. The shop creates drinks using fresh milk from its own farm. When it opened, it was a big hit with the locals and even drew attention from the media. It became popular overnight, and that popularity set the foundation for its future development. After that, Milkshop actively expanded its stores. In addition to Taiwan, it has opened stores in Singapore, Hong Kong, Macau, Japan, Australia, and Canada, which have become synonymous with hand-shaken drinks and natural ingredients.

What are the challenges?
  • The number of selections and customization makes the time and process of drink-making hard to control. Milkshop has as many as 67 selections. There are various combinations and processes, and the sugar, ice, and temperature levels are made-to-order for each drink, which have all become big pain points for drink stores. And if an order is made incorrectly, the worker will have to start over, not only wasting ingredients and time, but also leading to customer complaints.
  • Different brands of POS machines leads to insufficient performance and data integration. Mikeshop purchased POS machines in the early days of its establishment. With the expansion of branches, the existing checkout equipment was insufficient. Therefore, the new store has adopted more versatile POS with different brands. Adopting two sets of POS simultaneously results in the need to manually collect data from different vendors' POS.
  • Various combinations of ingredient are difficult to control in real time; and workers cannot control order costs with precision. Information is not in real-time nor accurate, creating difficulties for order decisions, which then leads to non-optimal quantities and prices.
Chunghwa Telecom's solution:
  • Chunghwa Telecom's cloud management team was available for support 24-7. It offered professional technology consultation, system efficiency monitoring, automated power on/off, high availability architectural design, high security and recommendations on compliance.
  • With the functionality of AWS Lambda, Amazon RDS, and AWS Glue integrated in the front-end POS, its data can be integrated and automatically sorted, and interfaced with the cloud for analysis, thus reducing time required for analysis reports.
  • With Chunghwa Telecom's cloud management platform, the self-backup and regular power on/off features protect data from loss while saving costs.
How were the obstacles overcome?
  • Chunghwa Telecom's one-stop services, in addition to providing IT architecture, also enhances the software layout. Both software and hardware are paired in a solution that best meets the needs of customers for introduction without extra hassle.
  • As for the back-end management system, Chunghwa Telecom helped Milkshop to integrate its sales data from the two different vendor's POS. Milkshop had previously looked for BI system providers to solve the issues involved in running two types of POS in parallel. However, the solutions those providers proposed were all laborious and costly to implement. In contrast, the approach proposed by Chunghwa Telecom offers high levels of compatibility. It can integrate POS sales data from two different vendors without altering system architecture. And on top of that, it offers fast and real-time service consulting, so that Milkshop can complete data integration from different of POS system in the very short time.
  • In the smart system used by Milkshop, Chunghwa Telecom fully utilized the analytic cloud and the advantages of AWS cloud services. It integrates POS system data so that the analytic cloud can precisely and accurately analyze data, thus helping the workers at Milkshop make the best decisions when placing orders.
Results of cooperation:
  • We used automated network technology to create a fool-proof mechanism that can control the operation process with precision. After the worker enters the order information into POS, the POS will print out a QR code along with the invoice and item labels. The workers responsible for making tea just place the QR code close to the sugar dispenser code reader; the reader will scan the code and, in just 0.6 seconds, the sugar dispenser will automatically dispense the exact amount of sugar for the customer's order.
  • Chunghwa Telecom helped Milkshop to integrate its sales data from two different POS systems without altering the system architecture.
  • While integrating POS system data, we also imported the analytic cloud platform into Milkshop's management system. Sales data from stores are connected in series, allowing Milkshop to accurately predict purchases. Suggested quantities of orders are automatically generated according to sales status, which helps Milkshop's workers to make optimal decisions when placing orders.
Products and services used for the cooperation:

AWS Identity and Access Management、AWS EC2、Amazon RDS、 Amazon S3、AWS CloudWatch、AWS Glue 、AWS Lambda、 AWS SNS、Amazon EventBridge ‎、AWS CloudTrail、AWS Config、AWS System Manager。