VSAT communication network services

Product name:

Very Small Aperture Terminal, VSAT

Product description:

Very small aperture terminal communication network services

VSAT business requires that the customer set up a less-than-3-meter antenna for the satellite base station.

The customer's VSAT satellite modem can be registered at Chunghwa Telecom's VSAT network, and Chunghwa Telecom's VSAT network services can be provided.

If the customer does not have VSAT satellite modem, Chunghwa Telecom can provide VSAT system planning and design services.

Chunghwa Telecom provides the ST-2 satellite C Band and Ku Band VSAT network services.

VSAT services can be used in data, fax, voice, and video conferencing.

VSAT architecture description:

VSAT broadband network system includes the following components:

VSAT HUB Station

NMS:( Network Management System).

Remote station.

Built of those components, the system can implement network communications via the satellite.

TCP/Web Acceleration results in faster data transmission and increase overall data throughput between the VSAT Hub and remote station.

And a new kind of forward error correction (FEC) - turbo product codes (TPC) is applied in VSAT System and the automatic uplink power control ensure that the system can operate normally.

Functions and characteristics:

This business is not limited by area, and it is suitable for distant communication recipients, those on outlaying islands, or those with poor network infrastructure.

Timely solutions for communication needs for foreign and domestic industry.

Chunghwa Telecom's own iDirect VSAT provides either iDirect iNFINITI VSAT network or iDirect Evolution VSAT network based on the customer's directions and needs.

Chunghwa Telecom's own iDirect VSAT can provide ST-2 satellite C band VSAT network services or ST-2 satellite Ku band VSAT network services based on the customer's directions and needs.

iDirect VSAT Hub is located in the Yangmingshan satellite communication center, and provides 24-7-365 network management services for constant control over quality.

Chunghwa Telecom's iDirect VSAT network had begun to be used commercially early on; and now, it has provided customers with stable quality in VSAT communications services for many years.

The Introduction for C Band Transponders of ST-2 Satellite:

120 W traveling-wave tube amplifier

Coverage: Asia, India, Middle East, North Africa, Northern Australia, Western Pacific, Indian Ocean

The Introduction for Ku Band Transponders of ST-2 Satellite:

150 W traveling-wave tube amplifier

Coverage: Northeast Asia, Southeast Asia, Indochina, Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines

For product inquiries (Satellite Department, International Business Group, Chunghwa Telecom Co., Ltd.):booking@cht.com.twsd@cht.com.tw

Fee table:

For product inquiries (Satellite Department, International Business Group, Chunghwa Telecom Co., Ltd.):booking@cht.com.twsd@cht.com.tw

iDirect VSAT applications

1.SCADA alerts and data collection applications

1. Riverbed water level monitoring
2. Pipeline status monitoring
3. Disaster prevention alerts
4. Debris flow monitoring
5. Earthquake alert system
6. Collection of weather data per area (such as: Wind speed, precipitation level)

2.Distance education

1. Interactive voice for education
2. Fax and email-assisted education
3. Corporate talent training
4. Video conferencing

3.Ticket and lottery vending stations

1. Automated ticket sales kiosk
2. Vending station and overseas vending stations
3. Lottery endorsement station

4.Bank and financial services

1. ATM transactions
2. High-traffic transaction data transmission
3. Electronic earmarking, stock account transfer, securities transactions services
4. Real-time financial status information

5.Cross-border voice and fax services

1. Call Center
2. Emergency communication system
3. Corporate internal communications

6.Interactive data transmission

1. Internet/intranet data transmission
2. File download
3. News program transmission to production centers

7.Remote area data transmission applications

1. Transaction data processing
2. E-commerce
3. Multimedia advertisements
4. Real-time life data
5. Sea surface oil detection platform, oil tank connections