HD Renewable Energy | High-tech industry applications

Founded in 2017, HD Renewable Energy is an expert in integrating solar energy system policy; its professional team is engaged in the development, investment, establishment, and operation of renewable energy business development in Taiwan and overseas. Due to the impact from faults and other matters, people have begun to pay more attention to renewable energies. Among renewables, solar energy production is one of the most popular and ubiquitous. It aims to contribute to energy self-sufficiency, and works to provide renewable energy business that is environmentally friendly and benefits local society.

What are the challenges?
  • Code deployment requires human intervention. But due to turnover of personnel, the knowledge required for updating code is often not properly handed over.
  • Requires a focus on customer software requirement development.
  • Maintaining continuous operations and avoiding attacks requires high levels of availability and Security.
  • Quickly and effectively analyzing customer data after collection can help the customer to understand their status and subsequent commercial analysis.
Chunghwa Telecom's solution:
  • We provided DevOps inquiry and introduction of services and assist in the building of CI/CD work processes.
  • Assisted in the evaluation of project architecture and used existing cloud services to help the customer their Security level.
  • Used platform as a service (PaaS) to provide a highly available database.
  • Used cloud storage and cloud analysis tools to help the customer to analyze data faster and more flexibly.
How were the obstacles overcome?
  • Cultivate DevOps cultural philosophy at HD Renewable Energy to accelerate deployment procedures.
  • Use appropriate AWS products after architectural evaluation, and then follow the best practices to satisfy the required Security level and high availability.
Results of cooperation:
  • Faster and more agile: Deployment of software was shortened from several hours to several minutes. And by incorporating CI/CD, AWS CodeCommit, coding, testing, and deployment no longer required human intervention, greatly minimizing deployment errors and increasing overall efficiency.
  • Using existing services on the cloud, such as elastic load balancing and AWS WAF, protected the Web AP Server and raised its Security level.
  • Using Amazon RDS services allows for high database availability; operations can continue even when a single node is broken.
  • Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) produces historical data and increases database efficacy, while Amazon Athena is used for analysis.
Products and services used for the cooperation:

AWS CloudFormation、Amazon VPC、Elastic Load Balancing、AWS WAF、Amazon EC2、Amazon RDS、AWS CodeCommit、AWS CodeBuild、AWS CodeDeploy、AWS CodePipeline、Amazon S3、Amazon Athena、Amazon CloudWatch、AWS CloudTrail。