Summary of services

Multi-cloud management platform

Multi-cloud management platform

Chunghwa Telecom's cloud team has used its years of experience in cloud maintenance to develop cloud management platforms, simplified operation interfaces, rapid deployment of multi-cloud resources, and optimization of the overall benefits from the cloud.


Multi-cloud monitoring

Using a visualized dashboard to present the use of primary resources, IT management can effortlessly detect whether there are abnormalities.

Multi-cloud account management

Using graphic reports to present the analysis of cloud resources and fees, the user can download detailed monthly account cost reports or search for past account records. Using this data, the user can quickly produce financial reports and budget plans.

Multi-cloud support center

Offers online acceptance of issues and automated response with professional solutions per issue category and per professional field. In addition, the issue's progress can be monitored on the inquiry management interface.

Account security protection

Provides OTP verification mechanisms by default to add another level of account security. The operation process can also log access for future auditing and management.

Automated scheduling

Real use scenarios and workload settings can automatically set schedules. So cloud resources can be activated or deactivated immediately depending on work status (on/off) and network status (online/offiline), all without the need to write an automation script.

Professional services

  • Has several years of experience in maintaining the public cloud, and has obtained certification across dozens of cloud-elated fields (SA/Security/DevOps) engineers can provide services to the customer.
    Complex ICT project management experience, helping companies to plan, design, introduce, maintain, and train multi-cloud technologies.
  • Possesses experience in largescale data architecture planning, and has designs for optimizing information security, data analysis, costs, and networking.
  • NOC operates 24-7-365 to help customers solve their problems.

Chunghwa Telecom Multi-Cloud connects to the global public cloud