Possible challenges for cross-national enterprises

The operational aspect

  • How should IT deploy and respond quickly for a global enterprises' positioning?
  • How should IT build and support business growth, especially when enterprises' IT budgets are cut?
  • How can you utilize your massive amounts of data while also ensuring its security?
  • Companies need to digitize and innovate at an even greater pace.
  • The technical aspect

    • How can a company effectively manage its IT services and prevent service "blackouts"?
    • As business and application services grow, bandwidth eventually reaches a bottleneck.
    • Novel threats to information security and security across multi-cloud applications.
    • Transferring service data is neither easy nor agile.

    The service aspect

    • How can a company go online quickly when there is constant fluctuation at its overseas bases?
    • Lack of overseas IT maintenance personnel often impacts corporate management.
    • Service quality and maintenance burdens vary across the countless number of overseas vendors.
    • Laws and regulations vary per overseas region, meaning that IT setup may be adversely impacted.
    • Chunghwa Telecom approaches these challenges with competence

      Consultancy plan

      Provides ICT and hybrid cloud technology architecture consultation, cloud migration plans, cloud information security services, AI smart service applications, Big Data analysis, education, and training.

      Benefit analysis

      We provide you with optimal evaluation and recommendations through several procedures, such as state-of-affairs interviews, transformation evaluations, planning and design, and trial cost accounting.

      Project management

      Professional project managers are assigned to help you complete your duties, from reasonable control of project budgets to the implementation schedule and categories.

      Expert guidance

      Experts guide you through the process of understanding how to operate the hybrid cloud environment and its applications.

      Migration plans

      We craft detailed migration plans for the customer, with practical step-by-step guidance that leads you to your migration goal, all while controlling quality during and after migration.

      Quality control (QC) plan

      We provide a comprehensive QC plan before the project even begins, and during the project we ensure QC.