Summary of services

Summary of services

Many companies have chosen cloud services to lower the usually high costs associated with building, the time costs from procurement, and the difficulties associated with hardware management. Chunghwa Telecom has ample experience in CaaS and VPC. It integrated and released a VM/CaaS cloud-computing virtualization private cloud and in cloud server rooms in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, the US, and London, it uses multi-specification cloud servers (VM) along with flexible and diverse network and security elements to help you quickly establish a dedicated private cloud environment.

Product functions

Comprehensive cloud resource organization and management

  • Supports multiple brands, virtual platforms, and configuration management of various types of computation/storage equipment
  • The system uses distributed deployment and tiered management and is able to integrate management and adjust cross-server room resources

Diverse services can be applied for at the customer's discretion

  • Supports multiple types of cloud services/value-added services specification sheets
  • The user can apply and manage services according to its requirements

Flexible virtualized management solution

Able to integrate and control virtualization from different brands, and can choose the most appropriate nodes for service based on the customer's needs (such as location).

Active monitoring of resource integration

Comprehensive event correlation analysis allows the customer to control the possible impact to service/customer range from resource abnormalities.

The NOC center is available 24-7-365 to help solve the customer's problems

24-7-365 customer service accepts customer inquiries and obstacle reporting; it also incorporates corporate HR organizations to perform dispatching of work personnel for inspection and maintenance.

Secure user permissions control

  • Highly secure account login verification and encryption of data for the entire transmission process
  • Attentive support for operation interfaces in multiple languages with multiple types of end-user equipment

Ample data analysis reports

CPU/memory usage and hard disk usage/read-write speed and web traffic.

Robust resource expansion

When existing resources and computational power are insufficient, you can easily expand resources without any concern for combining resources.

Lowers operational costs

  • There is no need to purchase the IT/network equipment needed for building a data environment; IT/network equipment can be applied for based on actual needs
  • Network bandwidth fees are based on the actual network traffic, saving bandwidth fees for the customer
  • There is no need to purchase expensive Security equipment; dedicated personnel maintain attack characteristic files

Simplified operation process

There is no need to learn the network equipment management interface, thus reducing the workload on IT/network management personnel; management is done over the intuitive VM/CaaS.

Highly flexible migration

Porting to new equipment and existing servers are both easier, and system adhesion is rather low.

Multi-specification cloud server

Cloud servers (VM) with multiple standards, including standard-type, high performance computing-type, super-high performance computing-type, super-high memory-type, making both upgrades and use easier.

Short-term activity system

In the past, short-term events often needed to take time to perform environmental deployment and purchase new equipment, and after the event, that equipment becomes idle and goes to waste. By use of VM/CaaS, you can choose the specifications and numbers you need on multi-specification cloud servers (VM); and it fits with the diversity of web applications, allowing for quick building of network environments. Whether it is flexibility, efficiency, or security, you have control and do not need to overburden yourself with the requirements of short-term events.

Diverse network services

Flexible procurement of network functions (subnetwork segments, VPN connection, load balancer services) according to the company's actual needs, and long or short-term rentals are allowed. This satisfies even more needs for company's network application architecture.

Online to offline is more dynamic

Combines international IDC services, providing online-offline hybrid cloud architectures and thus satisfying the many needs for private clouds at SMEs.

Multinational services

VM/CaaS services are provided in cloud server rooms in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, the US, and London.


  • China's increasingly stringent restrictions on web access; the US-China trade war; and retention of data in Taiwan have become the focus
  • Undertakes resource management service for Taiwan and China regions


Diverse network services

  • Flexible procurement of network functions (SSL VPN & VPN connection) according to the company's actual needs satisfy even more needs for company's network application architecture.

Multi-specification cloud server

  • Using super-high memory-type cloud server (VM) makes both upgrades and use easier.


  • Establishment costs are high
  • Overseas maintenance and management are difficult


Online to offline

  • Combining international IDC services to satisfy the many needs for private clouds at SMEs.

Multi-specification cloud server

  • Stops IT equipment needed for data environments from converting from CAPEX to OPEX.

Continual use of existing and already bound property

  • Preserves the database, router, and firewall equipment.
Structural description
  • Only network equipment and the firewall are installed in the 1/2 IDC rack
  • Cisco Router connects to MLPL IPVPN
  • Firewall connects to TWGate
  • Two XCNT connect with VM/CaaS services
  • Network lines and network equipment adopt a backup structure
  • DB uses a physical host