Transportation industry

We deliver one-stop and overseas turnkey setup services for over 200 bases in transportation industry.

CHT's comprehensive solutions help clients in management and operations

Chunghwa Telecom delivers customized planning for local setup of information security devices and consulting for cybersecurity policies.

For central cyber forensics and quick trouble shooting, we feed real-time status back to HQ and local users simultaneously. And with security devices, we manager authorization of affiliated companies.

To fulfill maximum cybersecurtiy, we offer social-engineering drill and information security examination.

At certain locations, Chunghwa Telecom has established IPVPN, EZVPN, DMVPN and local offload multipath routing to meet the huge demand for high data traffic. This enables different route selecting to reroute.

Chunghwa Telecom's local services are all about solving problems

Our local subsidiaries and partners support on-site services. Also we established a system-oriented network to assit in global management for headquarter.

Office leases are expensive, and there are frequent relocations. This can lead to issues in reconnecting to the internet. But by providing local subsidiaries and cooperating vendors with on-site assistance in relocation, with a detailed cable layout, and by providing EZVPN, we can help these customers go online at the new office space without delays.

In new foreign locations, Chunghwa Telecom allocates personnel to assist with on-site survey and construction. For large projects, technical managers undergo site survey and oversee the construction to ensure its quality. Overseas subsidiaries help build offices through one-stop services—making the move-in quicker and without a hitch.

Financial industry

We deliver integrated ICT services for over 90% of the financial industry, in financial regulations consulting, local setup planning, and one-stop overseas turnkey services.

An integrated system provider that delivers customized services.

Chunghwa Telecom delivers one-stop procurement, covering from computer facilities, network and communication equipment, servers, voice equipment, and terminal equipment to office interior design. Our integrated service save you massive amount of time and cost.

Chunghwa Telecom provides on-site service in relaying cable and organizing server racks to optimize overall operation, aiming to address the local challenges of IT maintenance and management across separate locations.

Furthermore, instead of using the original encoder on the router, we provide another encryption hardware modified by CHT to ensure encryted transmission secure and fast.

Global services, working locally.

For new site construction, Chunghwa Telecom allocates personnel to assist with on-site supervision. For large-scale projects, technical managers undergo site survey and oversee the construction to ensure its quality. Overseas subsidiaries help build offices through one-stop services—making the move-in quicker and without a hitch.

We also provides on-site service in relaying cable and organizing server racks to optimize overall operation, aiming to address the local challenges of individual IT maintenance and disorganized management across separate locations.

Build a security ecosystem that protects your internet and information.

In certain countries, internet censorship has become an increasingly serious issue, which even affects daily operations. Chunghwa Telecom not only sets up nodes locally which connects directly to our network backbone; but also provides technical solutions to internet access blocking.

The growing number of cyberattacks against financial industries is a reflection on the importance of cybersecurity in this sector. With the optimized architecture by CHT, companies can examine their existing network architecture and patch any vulnerabilities discovered. On top of single firewall, we provide heterogeneous dual-level firewalls—one that filters external information security, and protect the internal network. Together, these prevent any issues from propagating through the internal network. And each network segment it uses is separated with restricted access permissions to prevent internal personnel from connecting to improper systems. This provides comprehensive information security.

Working with global partners for years, Chunghwa Telecom ensures stable running for your overseas offices.

We are experinced in overseas shipment, with reliable channels for garanteed delivery of ICT equipment in tough region, free from customs detention.

Affiliated with global telecoms, we provide different circuits, server rooms, or even submarine cables to fully distribute routing and reduce risk of disconnection.

Our experinced overseas branches can provide both solutions to adopt finance laws and regulations, and services with procurement of ICT equipment in accordance with local supervisory regulations.

Electronics manufacturing industry

With on-demand overseas construction and implementation, CHT one-stop service delivers overseas integrated solution and local maintenance, serving more than 600 clients in this field.

With 3 international IDC, CHT ensures the stability of our global VPN services.

Taiwan's three largest international IDC (Aiguo, Xinyi, Neihu) works seamlessly with 3 global cable landing stations (Danshui, Toucheng, Fangshan) all by Chunghwa Telecom to save clients from interruption over a single gateway.

Customized DMVPN services reduce management costs for the customer

With many global bases, customers originally had to set up and maintain their own Internet IPSec VPN backup, which was a troublesome process, since the number of IPSec VPN the customer needed was Nx(N-1). [N is the base number for the customer] Chunghwa Telecom's customized DMVPN services give the customer an easy-to-manage Internet IPSec VP. What was originally a matter of managing data across Nx(N-1) pieces of equipment, was now greatly simplified down to just N, and the customer's management burden was greatly reduced.

The CQM network system fits the actual user needs of the customer

The network management system of past VPN operators had rather simple functionality. There was simply no way to realize the many functions needed for monitoring, and there were several issues with producing report forms. This led to the customer losing control over their network status and the use of bandwidth. With its strong suit in CQM network management system, Chunghwa Telecom added to the system certain functions tailored to that customer. The result gave the customer a new level of confidence over their use of bandwidth over the VPN.

Smart manufacturing industry

After adopting CHT's smart manufacturing solutions to optimize the production line, ForceTech now have an advantage over their competitors.

Chunghwa Telecom supports business transformation and production line optimization

With adoption of CHT's smart solution, the efficiency of produciton lines in a factory is thus highly optimized, reducing the delivery time from 60 to 30 days.

After incorporating automated processing, the company ran into some obstacles. But with Chunghwa Telecom's smart solution, they were able to optimize their production line and lower the learning curve on the new line to 2-3 years.