NCJ Polymers

Founded in 1985, NCJ Polymers has been mainly engaged in the production of color masterbatches. Since inception, with the economic rise of China, many Taiwanese companies have moved their facilities to China and other locations throughout Southeast Asia, where local industries developed as a consequence.

But NCJ Polymers has insisted on designing, developing, and producing its color masterbatches locally in Taiwan. Plastic masterbatches add color to plastics while also giving the finished plastic products various functionalities, such as: anti-static, antimicrobial, flame retardance, lighter weight, and improved heat resistance.

What are the challenges?
  • Many facilities have been established around the world in recent years, resulting in increasing levels of competition.
  • In order to enhance its competitiveness, NCJ Polymers increases the value of its products through research and development, and various materials are added to products to change the characteristics of the color masterbatch according to customer needs.
  • After the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, there was an increased market demand for antimicrobials; by adding certain formulas to the color masterbatch, the final plastic product can given antimicrobial qualities. And in addition to antimicrobial qualities, there are other functionalities needed in other applications, such as conductivity in plastics used in electronics products and anti-scratching in plastic automotive interior surfaces. By adding certain materials to the color masterbatch, these products can maintain a clean appearance without scratches.
  • While customers with custom specifications for color masterbatches do not require mass production, the specifications themselves are quite diverse. That means that the producer needs to have precise control over each unique production process. Even with an automated production line, there are certain stations on that line that require manual operations. This creates some production inefficiencies.
Chunghwa Telecom's solution:
  • CHT assisted the customer by introducing Chunghwa Telecom's Smart Manufacturing Solution which is crafting a custom smart production framework for small-to-medium sized manufacturers. And CHT installed sensors throughout the production line to monitor the active, inactive, and feeding time of production equipments. All of the monitoring data are then uploaded to the could systems.
  • Cloud architecture helps to lower the threshold for introducing solutions at businesses. Companies with no experience in this area can reference the success stories of Chunghwa Telecom and laterally apply systems and methods to their own operations.
  • CHT's equipment monitoring uses the industrial IoT framework; sensors are installed in equipment throughout the production line to monitor the active, inactive, and feeding time of line equipment. All of the monitoring data are then uploaded to the cloud digital boardroom system.
How were the obstacles overcome?
  • Common pain points for small-and-medium manufacturers in Taiwan include lack of IT personnel, limited resources, and urgent schedules for digital transformation. That is exactly why Chunghwa Telecom has established the industry's only one-stop service that addresses these very customer groups.
  • Chunghwa Telecom begins with consultation. It helps businesses to take inventory of current system functions and clarify the sources of problems. And since Chunghwa Telecom assists the customer every step of the way in the entire installation process, it can help solve any system compatibility issues it encounters along the way. By use of the cloud technology, it can relieve the burden of IT investment. After the system goes online, Chunghwa Telecom continues to provide maintenance and warranty services to ensure that the customer's smart manufacturing system can continue to operate and demonstrate its benefits.
  • More traditional businesses may look at the "smart" field as a "complete unknown"—they might not know where to begin with system functionality or establishment. That's where Chunghwa Telecom's service team can help. It clarifies customer needs in the early stage, creates a smart manufacturing architectural plan that fits those needs, and then finishes system establishment on weekends or holidays, so that when the factory opens on Monday, both upper management and line managers can see the operation status of line equipment in real time. This means that production does not need to stop and wait for upgrades.
Achievement of cooperation:
  • The frequency of unexpected equipment shut-downs have been reduced, and uptime has continued to increase.
  • In addition to the large screen in the office that displayed production status, we also provided a mobile app for NCJ. So even if in a foreign country, NCJ's management can control the production status in the factory on their mobile phones.
  • We start from the basics. First, solve the customer's pain points. Next, expand functions according to need. And in the future, various functions can be expanded for the control of production parameters, thereby improving the digitalization of the production line.
Products and services used for the cooperation:

AWS Identity and Access Management、AWS EC2、AWS Cognito、AWS IoT Core、Amazon DynamoDB‎、AWS SNS、AWS Lambda、Amazon S3、AWS CloudWatch、AWS CloudTrail、AWS Config、AWS System Manager、Amazon CloudFront、AWS Route 53。