The corporate hotline 009 provides a cost-saving package for SME customers who connect with international partners, and applies to non-residential Chunghwa Telecom customers.Non-residential Chunghwa Telecom customers can register 1 to 6 frequently used international numbers; the customer is charges a setting fee of NT$50 and a monthly fee of NT$100.Effective on the date of application, whenever the customer dials the registered international hotline from either their landline or mobile phone,the customer can apply a 41% discount of the 009 IDD rate as announced by Chunghwa Telecom. If during a Chunghwa Telecom 009 marketing campaign period,the international call fees are charged according to the most beneficial of the two (either hotline or marketing).

1.Apply at service center:

Apply at a Chunghwa Telecom store or one of our contracted service providers.Service center locator

2.Apply over telephone:

Dial 0800-080-123 and begin the application.