Figure it out at a glance! Just like a telephone conference call

Conference call services with comprehensive functionality and clear voice quality, provide you with secure, convenient, highly functional virtual conferencing.. Customers can call a meeting at anytime from anywhere. It’s suitable for all scales of meetings, including daily financial agency meetings, product announcements, education and training. It is the perfect communication solution for corporate customers.

Product features

* Secure, convenient virtual conferences.
* Does not require extra equipment setup.
* Does not require pre-registration
* Highly secure password protection
* No monthly fee. A meeting room allows for 100 participants/lines.

Product strengths

Communications are easily accessible, anytime, anywhere
Customer center open 24-7-365 for services
Reduces need for business travel: Saves both time and money

Event service conferencing

Figure it out at a glance! Event service conferencing by telephone (for institutional investor conference or shareholders' meeting)

Event service conferencing is a voice meeting service in which operator staff are available for assistance. High-level, experienced operator staff guide participants and professionally officiate for the entire meeting. The service is suitable for formal and important meetings, such as online institutional investor conference, shareholders' meetings, company training, seminars, and important communications.

Customers must make reservations for event service conferencing with the customer service center in advance. Meetings can be arranged and customized accordingly, ensuring your meeting runs correctly and efficiently! For details, see Chunghwa Telecom Event service conferencing

How to Apply

1. Complete Chunghwa Telecom's "Conference Telephone Service Rental and Change Application," and read the provisions carefully

2. Corporate customers should attach a copy of their company's business license and dual identification of their company's person in charge. For individual customers, attach a copy of the duplicate ID. Dual identification refers to ID card and national health insurance card or driver's license.

3. Send by fax to (02)2322-4131; Confirm application: (02)2344-4849

4. Customer Service Hotline: 0800-080-123