With Chunghwa Telecom's International Private Leased Circuit Service (IPLC), it can provide high-functionality, high-coverage internet transmission or, with cooperating telecoms' dual cooperation communication networks, it can provide companies and e-commerce vendors with cross-border point-to-point transmission services...

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Features and strengths

Global connectivity base on the abundant submarine cable resource and Chunghwa Global Network(CGN). Global support with one-stop professional service. Providing high-quality International Private Leased Circuit service.

Abundant Submarine Cable Resources

Investing 27 submarine cables systems including 12 submarine cables landing in Taiwan. Connecting most countries and cities in the world.

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Global professional support

Providing localized professional support services through 7 subsidiaries and 2 oversea offices around the world. Having long-term partnership with global carriers and abundant international telecommunications resources.

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Stable & Reliable Quality

Providing the shortest, diversity and protection routes selection on multiple submarine cable systems. Guarantee a high-availability network with fully owned & operated cable landing stations, and densely low latency domestic network.

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Description of service

Description of service

Chunghwa Telecom's International Private Leased Circuit Service (IPLC) can provide secure, reliable and dedicated international point-to-point private circuit for enterprise customers base on the high availability and high coverage Chunghwa Global Network(CGN) and bilateral cooperated network with international service providers. With Chunghwa Telecom's IPLC service, customers can securely transmit large amount of data, voice and. Our service cover major countries and areas of the world.


Point-to-Point direct connectivity. Physical layer separation. Most secure transmission service for cross-national corporations.

Global Connectivity with Dedicated Point-to-Point Line

Connect over a physical layer using the Next Generation transmission network technology. Offer a simplified network architecture, autonomy of cable route, stable transmission paths and latency for your data delivery.

Flexible Bandwidth Speed Options

Support STM-1, STM-4, STM-16, 10Gbps, 100Gbps of IPLC bandwidth and Ethernet bandwidth from 2M to 10Gbps.

Most Secure Transmission Channel

Customers could paid for backup submarine cables route or 1+1 protection for pop to pop circuit.

Service Level Agreement (SLA) Commitment and Assurance

Providing 24x7x365 network management and monitoring services. Promising high level of Service Level Agreement (SLA) Commitment in open areas.

Ample supply of submarine cables

Overall, Chunghwa Telecom possesses 27 submarine cables, including 12 cables that land in Taiwan, and others that span the major oceans of Europe, Asia, and Africa--all connecting to the world's most important countries and cities.

Global professional support

Altogether Chunghwa Telecom's 7 subsidiaries and 2 offices provide professional support and services to localities around the world; Chunghwa Telecom also cooperates with telecoms around the world, giving it ample telecommunication resources to tap worldwide.

Stable & reliable quality

We provide the shortest-to-backbone diverse routing designs, with multiple backup mechanisms; and we provide high-level entire-network-line service level assurance (SLA) per open region.

Benefits of service


High-quality and low latency transmission services, fulfil requirement of large amounts of data transmission.


Point-to-point dedicated private connection. Most secure transmission service for cross-national corporations.


Providing 24x7x365 network management services and monitoring.