Casaloma Technology | e-commerce website applications

Casaloma Technology established a Taiwan base in 2014 to provide high quality, novel services. It is primarily involved in the network data service industry. With a service presence in Asia, Europe, and the Americas, Casaloma serves over 100 countries in wireless network communications services.

173WiFi is a Casaloma trademark. While following its ethos, "let mobile Internet access accompany you abroad", Casaloma aims for sustainable operations. The Internet has become a significant part of travel, and now many younger people have been inspired with new travel ideas. Combining commercial data from the travel agency, the company has created comprehensive services. The company developed an app and webpage production team; it has over 2 years of experience in the planning and development of apps and webpage design, for which it has earned a certain notoriety in the industry. It has undertaken work for several notable industries and is developing new customer bases.

What are the challenges?
  • When accepting new app development or website design cases, the company needs to deal with not only developing environments, but also with the web hosting requirements of the company. The customer often wants a one-stop service provider that can meet all their requirements at once.
  • Code deployment requires human intervention. But due to turnover of personnel, the knowledge required for updating code is often not properly handed over.
  • Requires a focus on customer software requirement development.
Chunghwa Telecom's solution:
  • We provided DevOps inquiry and introduction of services and assist in the building of CI/CD work processes.
  • Assisted in the evaluation of project architecture and used RI to help the customer cut costs from cloud usage.
  • Used infrastructure as code (IaC), for example: AWS CloudFormation makes it easier to deploy the same infrastructure for user and performance testing, and can be quickly deployed across different geographic regions.
How were the obstacles overcome?
  • Cultivate DevOps cultural philosophy at Casaloma Technology to accelerate deployment procedures.
  • AWS CloudFormation tools are used after architectural evaluation and cloud resources are quickly adjusted per customer requirements.
Results of cooperation:
  • Saves on costs: Recommendation of suitable RI contracts are provided to the client based on discussion on early architectural requirements, saving the client 70% in costs.
  • Faster and more agile: Deployment of software was shortened from several hours to several minutes. And by incorporating CI/CD, AWS CodeCommit, coding, testing, and deployment no longer required human intervention, greatly minimizing deployment errors and increasing overall efficiency.
  • Higher operational efficiency: Amazon CloudWatch's interface and alerts allowed Casaloma to focus on management and monitoring; and the AWS CloudFormation format made deployment in different environments and regions both easier and more secure.
Products and services used for the cooperation:

AWS CloudFormation、Amazon VPC、Elastic Load Balancing、Amazon EC2、Amazon EBS、Amazon RDS、AWS CodeCommit、AWS CodeBuild、AWS CodeDeploy、AWS CodePipeline、Amazon CloudWatch。