EcoLumina Technologies | edge computing IoT applications

EcoLumina Technologies is focused on integrating and making applications for edge computing and IoT. It is a customer-oriented, R&D-specialized company that endeavors to reach 100% customer satisfaction. We believe that the integrated technology of the Edge Computing IoT Cloud is a crucial connection to the next generation of "online-offline linkage and smart integration." Our core positioning as a provider and partner in the Edge Computing IoT Integrated Application Platform, we cooperate with strategic partners in various industries, integrate the expertise of each strategic partner along with EcoLumina Technologies's own application solutions for various fields; we innovate and make breakthroughs in the vertical application fields of various industries, propose new application solutions and products, and work with strategic partners to sell and provide services to end consumers, create value, and benefit all parties.

What are the challenges?
  • EcoLumina Technologies engages in smart home applications. But it had not yet planned for a multifunctional cloud management system.
  • Using IoT devices to connect physical and virtual environments brings great convenience to users, but at the same time it also makes attacks more damaging and more extensive. That is why, aside from providing an easy-to-use connection method, adequate levels of security need to be provided—that way, functionality can be achieved along with security, in both individual devices and throughout the entire device ecosystem.
  • In smart home systems, one or a few of the connected devices/equipment will need to control the entire smart home; and in remote environments or environments with no network, it can ensure that the equipment can function normally within the system.
Chunghwa Telecom's solution:
  • Chunghwa Telecom's cloud management team was available for support 24-7. It offered professional technology consulting, system efficiency monitoring, automated power on/off, high availability architectural design, high security and recommendations on compliance.
  • We used AWS Trusted Advisor to inspect the AWS cloud environment, including architecture, costs, effectiveness, and Security, and then produce recommendations for optimization.
  • Amazon CloudWatch collects usage rates and operational status for the network, computation, and storage; the results of which are then given professional recommendations to ensure the security of key services.
  • With Chunghwa Telecom's cloud management platform, the self-backup and regular power on/off features protect data from loss while saving costs.
  • Assisted in the planning of AWS service application project architecture and use server-less technology to help the customer cut usage costs.
How were the obstacles overcome?
  • Chunghwa Telecom's cloud management team, composed of multiple AWS professionally certified architects and Security experts, provided EcoLumina Technologies with professional consulting and recommendations, while also helping it to complete the integration of its system monitoring mechanism, thus ensuring high service reliability.
  • Taking the AWS Security architecture protection end to the cloud can make smart homes more secure.
  • Using appropriate AWS products after architectural evaluation, and then following the best practices to satisfy the required budget and high availability.
Results of cooperation:
  • Chunghwa Telecom's cloud management team provided inquiry services that helped EcoLumina Technologies' system to go on the cloud and complete digital transformation, all while cutting costs.
  • Auto-scaling solves issues of service stability resulting from short surges in online numbers.
  • Abnormality detection determines whether the network bandwidth of the instance differs from that tracked historically; and auto-scaling mechanism ensures stability of service.
  • Config tests to see whether the customer has incorrectly opened network ports; it lowers the risk of attack and ensures a certain level of security.
  • Following AWS best practices for Security to secure equipment data.
Products and services used for the cooperation:

AWS Identity and Access Management、AWS IoT Core、Amazon VPC、AWS Kinesis Video Stream、Amazon EC2、Amazon RDS、AWS CloudWatch、AWS CloudTrail、AWS Config、AWS System Manager、AWS Lambda Function、Amazon DynamoDB‎、Amazon S3、Amazon CloudFront。