Introduction to the services

Introduction to the services

TWGate (Taiwan Gateway) has consistently been a top international IP transit provider operating within the global trend of rapid bandwidth growth. By virtue of its ample submarine cable resources, 17 global PoPs, and multiple routes, and thanks to its tailor-made, high-CP internet services. TWGate is the best partner for any customer looking to operate sustainably.

Features and Advantage

The leading telecommunications brand in Taiwan

TWGate from Chunghwa Telecom, the leading telecommunications brand in Taiwan, has a solid base of resources and users, and it helps customers as they continue to grow.

Deployment of international bandwidth

With its abundance of submarine cables resources, it has created a highly stable backbone for customers, and direct-connect submarine cables are used to connect with each PoP, allowing for shorter paths and more stable quality.

Customizable routing

Connections with multiple international carriers allows for more and faster choices for routing; whether online connections are through Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) or BGP, customers can choose the network architecture that works best for them.

Flexible billing methods

Customers can choose from commit or burst billing methods.

DDoS information security defense mechanisms

Black hole routing, attack detection, and alerts and notifications help reduce the impact on customers' network services.

24-7 maintenance services

24-7, around-the-clock network management services take the hassle out of maintenance and issue reporting.

IP coverage

Chunghwa Telecom's international branch takes advantage of its strengths in submarine cable layout to provide ISP, ICP, colleges and universities, academic institutions, and enterprise with both foreign and domestic internet conversion services. By connecting to just two of the following PoPs, the customer can access TWGate's fast, stable, high-quality global connection services.


  • Customer operations are smooth and uninterrupted
  • Fast network speeds sharpen the customer's competitive edge
  • Choose the best route suited for your business requirements and budget
  • 24-7 availability for network maintenance and service management, benefiting the customer with both convenience and lower overhead costs for maintenance

Success story

A large ISP customer in Taiwan used TWGate services, whose high-quality and low-latency connections as well as highly professional tech support helped the customer sustain their fast pace of growth.