Prepaid Card

PrePaid Card

Among prepaid cards with no deposit and no monthly fees, the Ideal Card stands out for its many advanced features, which can make your mobile communications life truly effortless and carefree. You not only enjoy Chunghwa Telecom's superb island-wide communications quality, but also get the most advanced intelligent network technology with the Ideal Card. It can additionally provide you with many unique benefits and convenient services.

How to make a call

The Prepaid(Ideal) card is available for outgoing domestic & international and free incoming calls within the expiration period.

  • Calling domestic fixed-line phones: area code + phone number + SEND
  • Calling other mobile phones: mobile phone number + SEND
  • Making international calls: 009 or 019 + country code + area code + phone number + SEND
  • Others: dial 112 for Emergency Hot Line (free)

Where to Buy the Recharge Vouchers

  • Chunghwa Telecom Service Centers or Senao Retai Stores
  • Convenience Stores (Including 7-11, Hi-Life, OK Mart, and Niko Mart)

How to recharge your Prepaid(Ideal) Card

  • Scratch the silver strip on the Recharge Voucher to reveal the 12or14-digit voucher number.
  • Dial 928 from your handset, or 0928-000-928 from another phone, and follow the voice instructions to recharge your Prepaid(Ideal) Card.
  • The expiration date of the Prepaid(Ideal) number is recalculated.
  • Your Prepaid(Ideal) Card can be recharged with more than one valid Ideal Recharge Voucher at the same time. The airtime credit will be added while the expiry of your Prepaid(Ideal) Card is 180 days since the date the last piece of Recharge Voucher is recharged.
  • Your Day pass prepaid card can be topped-up at any time before the expiry date. However, since the expiry date cannot be extended, the topped-up value must be used up before the SIM card expires.

Card balance and expiration related card services

  • Dial 928 from your handset, or 0928-000-928 from another phone, and follow the voice instructions to recharge or inquiry your Card.
  • If your Card balance is less than NT$60, or the expiration date is less than 15 days, you will receive a warning promt every time a non-toll free outgoing call is made (the call will not be disrupted).
  • If the remaining airtime of your Card remains only 20 seconds during an outgoing call, you will hear a series warning beeps so that steps can be taken to end the call gracefully.
  • To check your balance and expiry date, you can also dial 928 on your handset.
  • Outgoing calls cannot be made when your Ideal balance reaches zero; incoming calls can still be received as long as your Card is within the expiry date.
  • At the end of each outgoing call, you will receive a Last Call Info showing called number , duration, cost and balance on your handset display. ( But there is no Last Call Info for SMS sending and SMS-related services .)

A note about our voice service hotlines

  • All calls to 928 and 0928000928 from CHT mobile number are toll-free.
  • When calling 0928-000-928 from another telephone, a password is required. The initial preset password is 0000. To change the password, call 928 or 0928-000-928 and follow the voice instructions.
Convenience features with unsurpassed value

To meet your everyday needs with a wide range of convenience features.

700 emome Ringback Tones

This service provides the subscribers with a diverse selection of ringers ranging from pop music to home made messages in place of the more traditional rings to make the calling experience a much more entertaining one for the caller. To subscribe, dial 700+send from your handset.

Caller ID Display

The handset automatically displays the caller's number whenever you get a call. You can choose whether to answer the call, letting you avoid disturbance or interruption.

Calling Number Non Display

To protect your privacy, you can opt to not display your number on the other person's phone when making a call. To use this feature, press #31# before dialing the desired number.

Call Waiting

You can receive other calls while making or receiving a call.

Multi-party Calls

Let other people join a call wherever or whenever for convenient phone conferencing.

888/889 Short Message Data Service (Stock Quotes)

Receive stock quotes at any time !V this service is very similar to making a short message and then entering the desired stock codes.

850 Personal Protection Service

To scare off criminals and ensure your personal security, we have made this service available to Ideal Card holders.

Voice Mailbox

No longer do you need to worry about losing any voice messages. We offer three ways to transfer messages to your voice mailbox (nobody answer the phone, cannot be reached, busy). Your personal voice mailbox can take messages from callers any time you cannot answer your phone. You can also call our 24-hour service hotline 0800-080-928 whenever you wish to cancel the voice mailbox function. You can save 20 voice messages at the same time. Every message can leave 2 minutes' recording.New messages (not receive yet) retain for 7 days and old ones (received already) 7 days.