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序號兌換 Serial number to redeem

請輸入預付卡門號! Please enter the prepaid card number!
請輸入租用人證號! Please enter the ID number!
請輸入優惠序號! Please enter the event serial number
Please enter the numbers in the above figure.
請輸入驗證碼! Please enter the verification code!
請勾選! Please check
Chunghwa Telecom online store prepaid card top-up serial redeem precautions
  1. This is only for prepaid card top-up at Chunghwa Telecom online store..
  2. The serial number from the promotion is limited to one-time use..
  3. The bonus received from the promotion will vanish after the expiry date. (The valid date can be found in the refill package). It is not allowed to use for any discounts, cash exchange, or transfer.

立即兌換 Redeem now