Benefits of Smart Hospital

Improve Patient Satisfaction

  • Reduce treatment wait times
  • Gain control over environmental settings such as lighting and room temperature
  • Attend to patient specific needs with room automation services

Enhance Efficiency and Accuracy

  • Replace fragmented paper base data with digitized data
  • Use AI to support decision making
  • Accelerate turnaround times for rooms
  • Streamline clinical process

Ensure Safety

  • Faster respond to emergency with networking and connectivity
  • Minimize human error and prevent unforeseen events
  • Track medical supply and instrument readiness for timely delivery of care
  • Safeguard patient data and medical services to avoid cyber-attacks and prevent misuse by unauthorize personal

Stay Competitive

  • Each solution is modular design to be open, flexible and scalable that leverage hospital existing system and technology
  • Able to accommodate future upgrades and expansion
  • Provide a resilient healthcare infrastructure with seamless integration between systems and IoT sensors

Elements of Smart Hospital

Smart Healthcare

Smart Building - Cyber Security

Smart Building - ICT Infrastructure

Smart Healthcare Use Case


Smart Ward


Smart Nursing Station


Smart Clinic


Automated Dispensing Cabinet (ADC)


Vital Sign Station


ePaper Display (EPD)


Robot Application


Smart Counter

Why healthcare industry needs to take information security more seriously?

The adoption of the digitization in healthcare industry also created opportunities for cyberattacks that resulted in the disruption of business operation, data breaches, and financial losses. In light of the growing security incidents including phishing, ransomware attacks across various industries, cyber security is more important than ever before.

CHT has got you covered with our Cyber Security Solution and ICT Infrastructure Solution from outdoor campus to buildings and rooms!

Smart Building - Cyber Security Solution

  • Provide hospital information security solutions such as penetration testing, vulnerability scanning, weakness assessment service
  • Help hospital avoid malicious attacks, virus extortion and other security issues
  • Create a safer and reliable environment for doctors, medical staffs and patients

Smart Building - ICT Infrastructure Solution

  • Integrate the building with full-optical network construction for better control, automation and monitoring.