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The world is changing rapidly and Chunghwa Telecom has always been ahead of changes. Chunghwa Telecom (CHT) is one of the top 5 enterprises and the No.1 telecom service provider in Taiwan. While technologies alter and fluctuate on a daily basis nowadays, we offer not only conventional telecom service such as network, mobile, voice and IDC services, but also innovative services in network security, clouds, IoT, big data, AI etc. In addition, CHT presents the total solution for government and various industries in Smart City, FinTech, Intelligent Energy, Smart Manufacture, Smart Healthcare, Smart Agriculture etc.

CHT works with top-notch telecom service providers in each country to provide 7/24 seamless ICT services for government and international businesses. CHT is the optimal choice and the essential partner among global telecom service providers for multinational corporations to enhance their competence.

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