Social Aspect

Human Capital Development

Issue Date:2020/07/16

Our fundamental business focus is “core competitiveness, professionalism, efficiency, and service” and we seek to develop innovative talent through a combination of internal and external training. We have a comprehensive training system to assist employee development in all dimensions. The system starts with the incorporation of “needs analysis” and “in-depth planning” and is followed by performance assessment and review after the program ends. This systematic approach enhances professional skill and work efficiency, and helps the Company improve its coordination of human resources.


Chunghwa Telecom is dedicated to providing employees with a diverse learning environment. In 2018, Chunghwa Telecom training expenses exceeded NT$ 500 million and employee training sessions totaled 910 thousand hours. We encourage employees to commit themselves to long-term learning and we offer education subsidies as much as NT$ 30,000 per semester. Subsidies were given to 376 employees in 2018 and the Company compensation amounted to NT$ 6.3 million.


Digital Classroom

Chunghwa Telecom has introduced an online learning social network (the Digital Classroom) with an e-Learning approach quite unlike that of conventional classroom teaching. In this new learning social network one-way teaching has been replaced by an environment where users may share and transfer knowledge at a lower cost, and with a far better yield of good results. The broadband installation college, for example, is a platform where information such as technical documents, cases, video tutorials, and technical discussions can be exchanged and learned. 

Online Broadcast

Online broadcasts can be used to teach topics related to specific work. They are delivered over the internal UC platform, and offer employees a fast and convenient way to gain knowledge and observe new trends. Online broadcasts transmit the experiences of experts to all employees without limit and boost business growth. The topics in 2018 included core business, ICT extended business, business in the new field and new knowledge of management and health care. There were 216 classes with 20,716 participants.


  •  Information security certification
     In 2018, 40 employees received Paloalto ACE certification, 46 received Fortinet NSE certification, and 46 received ISO 27001:2013 surveyor certification, 46 received BS 10012 PIMS surveyor certification
  •  Improved sales performance 
    AM enterprise customer training and certification resulted in a revenue increase of 2%. 
  •  New business potentials 
    The Company organized 23 professional skills for Artificial Intelligent courses; there were 1,545 enrollments. 
    The Company organized 30 courses for the training of facilitators, promoters, planners, designers, and maintenance workers for photovoltaic technology; there were 833 enrollments. 

The Happiness at Work Survey

Since 2011, we have been engaging outside agencies to carry out annual “Chunghwa Telecom Happiness at Work Survey” in an anonymous manner. This helps us to understand how employees feel about their work and working status. The findings are used as a reference for the improvement of management. The survey topics include individual opinions about the working environment, welfare and corporate transformation. By listening to the opinions of the employee, we get to understand their feelings and expectations. We will continue these surveys and respond to employee opinions. The 2018 “Happiness at Work Survey” graded at an average of 81.74 points out of 100.


Fair Appraisal Mechanism

Chunghwa Telecom now applies “Employees Performance Evaluation Guidelines” which are utilized in the evaluation of employee performance to develop the corporate culture where employees, customers, shareholders, and the Company will all be winners. Supervision will be provided for underperforming employees who will be guided until the appropriate improvement has been made and they are back on track.
Chunghwa Telecom conducts performance appraisal at three different levels: entry-level staff, entry and mid-level managers, and senior managers. Performance appraisal involves a series of face-to-face discussions between employees and line managers at the beginning of a year to set personal goals, and also at mid-year and years end to evaluate the degree of employee contribution to Company performance. During these sessions, managers also discuss career plans and suggest courses relevant to the future career of each employee. Performance bonuses and employee remuneration are tied to performance. 


A Competitive Compensation System

We have a “Compensation Committee” in place to ensure that compensation for the best talent is competitive. In addition, the Company has a transparent system for sharing business performance with its employees. Compensation for executive management has been standardized and details are disclosed publicly in the annual reports. The Company offers equal compensation for all entry-level employees of the same grade. Those who possess relevant skills and work experience may have compensation evaluated based on educational background, career experience, expertise, and professional qualifications. Under no circumstances will compensation ever be determined by gender or racial differences.