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Issue Date:2020/07/21

Gender Equality and Diversity

Gender Equality and Diversity
Chunghwa Telecom places great value on human rights and gender equality. In 2018, there are two female directors on Board and female staff accounted for 28.51% of total staff. Among them, female managers accounted for 26.32%, female junior managers accounted for 28.44%, female top managers accounted for 16.09% and female managers in sales department accounted for 51.06%.
To conform to the essence of the “gender equality” in the Employment Act, the Company has outlined its sexual harassment prevention policy and established a “Complaint Investigation Committee” that specializes in the handling of employee complaints about work-related discrimination and improper behavior. The investigation committee has five members, three of whom are female. Our effective control has resulted in no incident of discrimination being reported in 2018.

Union Establishment
Chunghwa Telecom is the only telecommunication carrier in Taiwan with union establishment; it has also signed a collective bargaining agreement with the union. This agreement covers an extensive range of issues from redundancy, reward, discipline, promotion, to health and safety. This initiative not only complies with local laws and international human rights conventions, but is also a show of our commitment to protect employees’ interests. In addition to the union established by Chunghwa Telecom, employees have also assembled 11 other unions under the organization.
In 2019, 99.73% of employees had attained union membership. A director seat has also been reserved for workers’ representative, so that employees can more freely express their opinions