Social Aspect

CHT Foundation

Issue Date:2019/05/30

In 2006, CHT created the Foundation with the purpose of implementing corporate social responsibility, through long-term cultivation of our core competence, to communities and tribes, and the urban fringe. The Foundation is a platform of resources for connection and the rearrangement of “good” materials shared to needed locations. 

(1). The Digital Good Neighbors: The foundation evaluates all local demand for digital resources, selects remote tribes and provides senior services, child and youth education, care for the disadvantaged and new immigrants. Up to the end of 2018, we were cooperating with 85 different NGOs and our tracks were all over Taiwan. 

(2). Click Taiwan: 56 students were selected to perform services and capture stories in remote areas. These students had devoted themselves by contributing their own specialties to community services, including production assistance with video material advertising tribal tours, event recording, graffiti art and photography courses.

Every year, we have devoted ourselves to the communities through diverse projects. In 2018, we promoted 4 main projects, including “Click Taiwan”, “Minimizing the digital divide”, “Community Empowerment” and “Image Promotion.” Through strategic planning courses, computer learning courses and industry marketing courses within 85 nationwide communities, we hope to reach the goal of sustainable community development. 

In the future, Chunghwa Telecom Foundation will continue playing its role to establish communications and connections among people and attract more volunteers into helping the Foundation connect resource providers to those in need for a brighter future. In this regard, we will continue investing NT$36 million in the communities to create digital opportunity every year till 2022. 

2018 Social Contribution of the Foundation




Cultivation of Local Characteristics and Assistance in Sustainable Development

Every community has its own characteristics. Based on these characteristics, we introduce customized project contents to assist in local sustainable development. To promote local business, the foundation often holds “Festive Gift” fairs each year and encourage corporate employees and departments to purchase products of local businesses.

In addition, we have long been cultivating domestic women basketball players and bring basketball to the community and tribes through “CHT Women’s Basketball Team.” To discover and cultivate more domestic potential seeded players in basketball, we held “Public Welfare 3 on 3 Basketball Event” around the nation. 

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