Social Aspect

Business and Human Rights

Issue Date:2020/08/20

Human Rights Policy

Chunghwa Telecom supports and voluntarily abides by internationally recognized human rights conventions, including “Universal Declaration of Human Rights”, United Nations Global Compact”, “United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights”, human rights framework and spirit of “International Labor Organization guiding principles,’ human rights promotion assessment and other due diligence work, thereby strengthening the human rights awareness of internal colleagues and stakeholders.
Chunghwa Telecom’s Human Rights Policy is applicable for the Chunghwa Telecom and its affiliated organizations. In addition, the same standard shall apply for Chunghwa Telecom’s suppliers and partners to meet expectations in line with the policy spirit and basic principles.


Process of Human Rights Due Diligence

In order to identify potential human rights violations cases, Chunghwa Telecom conducts human rights impact assessments of value chains every year and provide subsequent remedial measures to mitigate the adverse effects of risks. Following is the due diligence process.

Step 1. Organizing Issues:

  Assess issues relevant to company operation, based on internal and external human rights indicators

Step 2. Identifying scopes and issues:

  Identifying scopes and issues

Step 3. Assessing impacts:

Based on different material issues, responsible units are designated to conduct further assessments and confirm relevant impacts, also record results of review and extent of impact on “Record sheet of human rights policy self-inspection” at length

Step 4. Mitigating and monitoring:

Summarize the result of assessments for mapping human rights risks, responsible units are also designated to review risky issues and develop improvement plans

Step 5. Reporting:

Disclose the implementation of human rights policy and due diligence process on corporate CSR report and website

For more information, please refer to Chunghwa Telecom 2019 Human Rights Due Diligence Report.